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Volume 47, 2023-2024

Gender Issues in South Asia, Islam and Muslim Relations


Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save the Girl Child, Educate Her): Policy, Culture, and Local Voices on Gender Discrimination, Gender-Based Violence, and Empowerment through Education and Economic Participation in Rural India
Rekha Datta

A Kaleidoscopic View of Gender Issues in South Asia: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
Sangit Sarita Dwivedi

Gendered Norms, Minority Insecurities, and Dominant Politics in Sindh
Vahida Nainar

Brunei, Islam, and the Muslim Middle East: A Malay State Defining its Purpose and Preserving the Maintenance of an Independent Dynastic Line
Michael B. Bishku

A Leadership Odyssey: Muslim Separatism and the Achievement of the Separate State of Pakistan by Sikandar Hayat (review)
Raja M. Ali Saleem

Messianic Ideas and Movements in Sunni Islam by Yohanan Friedmann (review)
Norman Cigar

Power Politics, Conflict, and Peacemaking


Sudan’s Role in United States Defense of the Middle East and North Africa:
The Debate and Its Consequences

Jacob Abadi

The Russo-Ukrainian War and Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Weapons Sector:
The Implications for a Military Rentier State

Norman Cigar

The Failure of JCPOA and Its Consequences on Iran’s Membership on the WMD Conventions
Seyed Hossein Mousavian

A New Dawn in Oman: Challenges and Opportunities
Gawdat Bahgat

Role of Religion in a Modern Muslim State: A Debate on the Objectives Resolution
Farooq Ahmad Dar

The Ledger: Accounting for Failure in Afghanistan
by David Kilcullen and Greg Mills
Reviewed by Robert M. Hathaway

Volume 46, 2022-2023

Leadership, Policy Issues and Decision-Making Proceese in the MENA

Oil MENA's Challenges and the Policy Response: Addressing the Institutional and Trust Deficit
Mohammed Akacem, John L. Faulkner, Dennis D. Miller

Israel, The Syrian Crisis, and the Unbreakable Lebanese Syndrome
Yusri Hazran

Salisbury's Policy Toward Egypt, 1875-1880
Yousef Hussein Omar

The Impact of Mubarak's Personality Traits on Egypt's Foreign Policy Decision-Making
Marwa Mamdouh-Salem

Book Reviews:

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Saudi Struggle for Iraq by Katherine Harvey
Eric Davis

Republics of Myth: National Narratives and the US-Iran Conflict by Hussein Banai, Malcolm Byrne, and John Tirman
Nader Entessar

Reinventing the Sheikhdom: Clan, Power and Patronage in Mohammed Bin Zayed's UAE by Matthew Hedges
Andrew Leber

Islam, Islamists, the Rise of the AK Party, and Turkey’s Foreign Relations


Regional Environmental Cooperation on Transboundary Air Pollution in the Middle East and North Africa
Inkyoung Kim

The Relations of Middle Eastern Countries with Myanmar: The Challenge of Increasing Influence through Strategic and/or Economic Ties Amid the Persecution of the Muslim
Michael B. Bishku

The Turks in the Land of Afghans: History, Politics, and Relationships.
Mohammed Alrmizan

The Diffusion of Malcolm X as a Political Symbol Among Turkish Islamists and the Rise of the AK Party, 1999-2019
Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul

Book Reviews:

The Prophet’s Heir: The Life of Ali ibn Abi Talib.
Reviewed by Melanie G. Raza

The End of Two Illusions: Islam After the West by Hamid Dabashi.
Reviewed by Joseph Evans



Egypt’s Diminishing Strategic Leverage
Gawdat Bahgat

Revisiting the Concept of ‘Virtual Water’ in Light of the Impact of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Egypt’s Water Interests
Marwa Mamdouh-Salem

Doria Shafik: A Staunch Egyptian Feminist Ahead of Her Time—Damnatio Memoriae
Samia I. Spencer

Egyptian Women Controversial Issues and the Digital Public Sphere: Can Social Media Debates Be Used as Indicators of Social Struggle in Society?
Enas Abou Youssef

Book Review:
War-Torn: The Unmaking of Syria, 2011-2021 77 by Leila Vignal
Reviewed by Mona Yacoubian

Nuclear Weapons and Islam in Saudi Arabia
The Feminine Angle
Religious Movements in Syria and Turkey


Nuclear Weapons and Islam in Saudi Arabia: The Feminine Angle
Norman Cigar

‘Fitna’ in the Context of the Syrian Revolution: The Example of al-Būṭī
Bachar Bakour

Changing Attitudes Toward the West Bank in Jordan
Michael Sharnoff

Erdoğan and Religious Movements after the 2016 Coup Attempt in Turkey: The Case of Adnan Oktar
Efrat Aviv

Turkey’s State Crisis: Institutions, Reform, and Conflict by Bülent Aras (review)
Michael B. Bishku

Volume 45, 2021-2022

De-Orientializing the Arab Uprisings


De-Orientalizing the Arab Uprisings: Introduction
Omar Bortolazzi

Arab Youth and the Quest for Democracy
Fadi Farasin, Cihat Battaloglu

Neo-Orientalizing the Tunisian Woman: The Geopolitics of Women's Rights in Post-2011 Tunisia
Hajer ben Hadj Salem

Tunisian Exceptionalism: The Role of Civil Society in Tunisia's Transition
Ayfer Erdoğan

Pandemonium in Yemen: A Historical Analysis of Yemen's Socio-political State
Naif Al Bidh

Tahrir Square: A Geopolitical Paradigm of the People's Revolution
Farah Ali

Arab Authoritarianism, Arab Uprisings, and the Future
Saliba Sarsar



Disappointment and Indifference: Pakistan and The Biden Presidency
Robert M. Hathaway

Failure in Afghanistan: How It Happened and What It Means
Anthony C. Zinni, Dr. Mie Augier, Sean F. X. Barrett

Afghanistan Nation-Building and Missed Critical Element of Unifying Ideology
Sayed Hassan Akhlaq

Ethnicity and Politics in Afghanistan: An Uncertain Balance
Rasul Bakhsh Rais

Blackness in Morocco: Gnawa Identity through Music and Visual Culture by Cynthia J. Becker (review)
Norman Cigar

Muslim Women in Education and Sport
the "Milestones" of Sayyid Qutb


Gender Inequity in Jordanian Higher Education Leadership: Analysis and Recommendations
Richard Savior

Muslim Sportswomen: A New Way of Being Religious in the Contemporary World
Kate Mroz

Was the 'Milestones' of Sayyid Qutb a Milestone for Terrorism?
Kadir Akyuz, Halil Akbas, Ismail Onat, Haci Duru

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States and Sub-Saharan Africa: In Search of Influence, Security, and New Markets
Michael B. Bishku

The Arab Spring and Balance of Threat
Alireza Nouri

Allah: God in the Qur'an by Gabriel Said Reynolds (review)
Michael D. Calabria  

Shi'a Movements in Iraq and Lebanon


From the Promise of Democracy to Sectarian Capture of the State: United States Policy and the Building of a New Political Order in Post-Bacthist Iraq
Eric Davis

Why the U.S. Obsession with Iran Leads it to Misconstrue and Misjudge Shi’ite Politics
Michael Rubin

Harakat Amal: Social Mobilization, Economic Resources, Welfare Provision
Omar Bortolazzi

Finding the Flaws in Hizballah’s Self-Narrative: From Movement to Countermovement
Joel D. Parker

Conversion to Islam: Competing Themes in Early Islamic Historiography by Ayman S. Ibrahim (review)
Mohammad H. Faghfoory

Volume 44, 2020-2021

The Maghreb


Morocco’s State Islam: Securitization, Legitimization, and Authoritarian (-Neoliberal) Modernization
Salim Hmimnat

Algeria’s Elusive Quest Towards Economic Prosperity and Democracy
Mohammed Akacem

The Libyan Intervention Debate and the Myths of State Sovereignty
Jacob Mundy

Mauritania’s National Security Conundrum and the Rapprochement with Israel
Jacob Abadi

A New Structure For Security, Peace, and Cooperation in the Persian Gulf by Seyed Hossein Musavian (review)
Kamal A. Beyoghlow

Muslims and Christians in the Levant
A Saudi Cleric's Perspective on Weapons of Mass Destruction
China Soft Power
Permanent War, Elusive Peace


Muslims and Christians in the Levant: A Shared Culture,
Kail C. Ellis

A Saudi Cleric’s Perspective on Weapons of Mass Destruction: Integrating Religious Morality and Realpolitik,  
Norman Cigar

How Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the CPEC, are reshaping China’s Soft Power?
Saeed Shafqat
Ayesha Siddique

Permanent War, Elusive Peace: The Evolution of America’s Compellence Policy Towards Iran
Nader Entessar

Iraq’s Negotiations during the Trump Presidency
Communal Dimensions of the Arab Spring
Israel and Armenia


Baghdad in the Middle: Iraq’s Negotiation of its Constrained Sovereignty during the Trump Presidency
Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Israel and Armenia: So Near Experientially, But So Far Away Geopolitically?
Michael B. Bishku

Communal Dimensions of the Arab Spring: State and Non-State Logics in Current Middle East Politics
Shaul Mishal
Eliran Bar-El

The Plight of the Bangladeshi Women Migrants in the Middle East
Ala Uddin

Impact of World War II on Egyptian Society


Building an Islamic State: The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaida's State in Yemen 2011-2012
Norman Cigar

The Impact of World War II On Egyptian Society and On Sayyid Qutb, 1939–1945
Adnan A. Musallam

Just War Theory: The International Coalition's War Against the Islamic State
Hawre Hasan Hama

Insecurity Communities of South Asia and the Middle East: Consequences of US Foreign Policy
Majid Sharifi

Volume 43, 2019-2020

Islamic Thought


In Memoriam: Dr. Hafeez Malik (1930-2020)
Dr. Kail C. Ellis

A Tribute to Dr. Hafeez Malik: 17 March 1930 - 20 April 2020
Aroosha Mansuri

From Partial to Complete: Juristic Authority in Twelver Shi‘ism

Liyakat Takim

The New Culture of The Global Security Paradigm: The Rise of Autocratic Populism and a New Islamic Culture of Rebellion

NedZad Basic

Poetry as an Essential Tool of Philosophical Inquiry and Writing in Later Islamic Philosophy: The Case of Mullā Ṣadrā
Sayeh Meisami

When Sufism Meets Politics (the Pluses and Minuses of Nasafi's Perspective)
Sayed Hassan Akhlaq

Israel, Palestine and the Callenge of Peace


Saliba Sarsar

The Ingredients of Palestinian-Israeli Peacemaking
Daniel C. Kurtzer

Palestinians' Quest for Freedom Begins with Empowerment
Salam Fayyad

What Do the Palestinians Want?
Sam Bahour

Israel's Peacemaking under Security Challenges: Implications of a Retrospective Outlook
Gilead Sher, Adelaide Duckett

From Divine Sanction to Suburbanization: The Evolution of the Israeli Settler Movement and the Future of the Two-State Solution
Sara Yael Hirschhorn

The Israeli Peace Camp

Galia Golan

Education and Peacebuilding in Israel and Palestine
Saliba Sarsare

Impact of Sayyid Qutb on Global Jihadi
Gendered Acculturation
The Kurds of Iran


The Posthumous Impact of Sayyid Qutb (1906–1966) on Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Global Jihadists of Al-Qa'eda
Adnan A. Musallam

Gendered Acculturation: Pakistani International Graduate Students Navigating US Culture
Maheen Haider

Inter-Provincial Water Conflicts in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis
Adil Khan, Nazakat Awan

Iran's Forgotten Kurds
Michael M. Gunter

Israel’s Relations with Its Neighbors


Israeli-Egyptian Relations: Obstacles to Meaningful Rapprochement
Jacob Abadi

U.S. Policy and Israeli-Palestinian Relations
Husam Mohamad

Are Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu “Two Sides of the Same Coin”?
Michael B. Bishku

Challenges to the Free Access to the Holy Sites

Bernard Sabella