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A Unique Team Approach to Teaching Fundraising

gloria pugliese
Gloria Pugliese, MA, MBA, CFRE
stephanie cory
Stephanie Cory, CAP, CFRE
lise twiford
Lise Twiford, MBA, CFRE, CAP

Principles of Fundraising is a non-credit course in the College of Professional Studies taught unlike any other program we offer—through a team approach. Four faculty members teach the course, all of whom have significant experience in the fundraising and development field. Instructor Stephanie Cory, CAP, CFRE, a Philanthropy and Governance Consultant explains, “This is an opportunity for students to hear four unique perspectives on fundraising and enables us as faculty to teach in the areas in which we have the greatest expertise. Peer-to-peer learning is also a strong component of this course – and my favorite aspect of teaching Villanova students. The wide array of industries they come from and their varied experiences truly enrich the teaching and learning experience.”

Ideal for learners who prefer a more traditional classroom experience with a significant amount of interaction, this course covers all of the basics of fundraising and allows students to explore areas into which they want to dive deeper or further pursue in their careers. The class attracts a mix of entry level professionals who are pursuing a career in the field, experienced fundraising professionals who want to build their expertise and potentially earn the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) credential, as well as more experienced professionals from other fields who want to make a career change into the world of fundraising and development.

According to Instructor Gloria Pugliese, MA, MBA, CFRE, a Senior Development Officer at a national nonprofit specializing in educating children who are deaf or hard of hearing, “The CFRE credential is not a requirement for employment in the fundraising industry, though I personally found the process of preparing for the CFRE exam very valuable because it forced me to learn about aspects of fundraising with which I had less experience. In addition, I believe it gives someone an advantage when searching for a job opportunity or vying for a promotion. I’m glad I earned it.”

The Principles of Fundraising course runs every semester. For more information or to register, visit the Principles of Fundraising webpage on the College of Professional Studies website.