CRS Student Ambassador Program

Through the CRS Student Ambassador program, colleges and universities form on-campus chapters of student leaders who are trained by CRS to mobilize their peers and bring to life the mission of global solidarity on campus. Chapters are connected to one another and to CRS in order to build a national movement for social change.

How does it work?

CRS Student Ambassador chapters engage the campus community to act on global emergencies and injustices. Ambassadors organize awareness campaigns, prayer services, candlelight vigils, faith-sharing groups, legislative advocacy, and fundraising campaigns for global emergencies as well as participate in CRS programs such as CRS Rice Bowl, CRS Fair Trade and CRS Helping Hands. National and regional conferences and trainings are held each year to bring chapters together and form a national community of students committed to advancing global justice, peace and human dignity.

Core program dimensions

  • Leadership
    • President and Vice President
    • Core team of trained and active student ambassadors
  •  Institutional Support
    • A permanent faculty or staff advisor
    • Official club/organization OR sponsored by an office/department on campus
  •  Impact
    • At least 3 events per year
  •  Accountability

For more information, please contact CRS staff at or visit


If you are interested in joining the Villanova CRS Ambassador program contact Will Stehl or Andrew Lee.


What do student ambassadors do?

Ambassador Leadership Team

Ambassador Leadership Team


  • Andrew C. Lee

Vice President

  • Sara Vaughan

Faith Formation

  • Rebecca M. Walters

Issue Group Coordinators

  • Jessica Alnouch, Claire Leroux, Kara English

Public Relations

  • Nicole C. Anderson

Senior Advisor

  • Sajid Hossain


CRS Internships

Summer Internships

Summer Internships at CRS  

An internship at Catholic Relief Services provides you with professional experience, knowledge and skills to help you enter the world of international NGOs. CRS offers you the opportunity to work with a diverse group of colleagues and gain exposure to the international relief & development world, valuable contacts and useful references. An internship at CRS is an excellent way to develop your professional skills and explore the field of international development with a faith-based organization.

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Summer Internships Are Now Posted! 
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CRS Full/Partime Internships and Careers

Catholic Relief Services considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, age, marital status or physical or mental disability. CRS' talent acquisition procedures reflect thier commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.

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CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office Interns

  • Fall, 2016 - Rita Marino, Danielle Radomile
  • Summer, 2016 - Margaret Sanborn
  • Fall, 2015 - Sajid Hossain
  • Spring, 2015 - Matthew Myers
  • Fall, 2014 - Rodrigio Rivera
  • Fall, 2013 - Charlie Bates
  • Fall, 2012 - Carolyn Rau
  • Fall, 2011 - Kerri Robertson
  • Fall, 2010 - Yolanna  DuPlessis
  • Fall, 2009 - Jennifer Maez, Joseph Catuzzi, Maria Zumaraga
  • Fall, 2008 - Beth Awalt
  • Fall, 2007 - Linley Kirkwood
  • Fall, 2006 - Elizabeth McCarthy
  • Spring, 2006 - Jaime Gentile

CRS International Headquarters

  • Summer, 2017 -Gina Talamo, Amanda Bristowe, Julie Greenwald  (Worked remotely GIS Projects)
  • Summer, 2014 - Siobhan CooneyMorgan GruenewaldAndrew Zoeller
  • Fall, 2013 - Andrea Zinn
  • Summer, 2013 - Sarah Garwood, Siobhan Cooney,
  • Summer, 2011 - Julie Ann Opt
  • Summer, 2007 - Amrachi Utah

CRS Overseas Internships

  • Summer, 2017 - Nicole Anderson, Mary Platt, Margaret Sanborn, Kristen Black, Ashley Seyfried, Cynthia Jones, Carolyn Astrup, Elizabeth Cullen, Hannah Sanbor, Kristen Aune (Madagascar)
  • Summer, 2016 - Mary Alice Platt, Marsha Richard  (Worked Remotely for CRS Central African Regional Office)
  • Summer, 2016 - Briana Brown, Eric Wagner (Worked Remotely - Madagascar)
  • Summer, 2016 - Danielle Radomile, Ashley Seyfried (Worked Remotely - GIS Projects for Africian Regions)
  •  Summer, 2015 - Benjamin Bogardus, Sean Carney, Morgan Gruenewald, Stephanie Krakower, Tara Malanga, Kerby Souffrant  (Madagascar)
  • Summer, 2007 - Amy Knop-Narbutis (Ecuador), Katrine Herrick(Cambodia)
  • Summer, 2006 - Laura Hoffman (Lebanon)
  • Summer, 2005 - Christopher Lamar (Nicaragua)

CRS Fellow in Rwanda

  • Spring, 2015 - Jerica Youngken


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