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Justice‌ ‌for‌ ‌George‌ ‌Floyd‌ ‌and‌ ‌Others Statement

Justice‌ ‌for‌ ‌George‌ ‌Floyd‌ ‌and‌ ‌Others:‌ ‌A‌ ‌statement‌ ‌from‌ ‌Faculty‌ ‌Congress.‌

We as faculty of Villanova are in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and protests against racial violence around the country, including in Philadelphia. We condemn the murders of David McAtee, Tony McDade, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, and Ahmaud Arbery, and bear witness to all Black lives lost to state sanctioned violence. We stand against white supremacy and racism in all its forms.

To all Black members of the Villanova community — students, faculty, staff, and visitors — we see you, we hear you, we support you, we welcome you, and we stand with you.

While racist policing has inspired the current wave of protests, it is only one part of the problem of structural racism — every aspect of US society from our politics to our banking to our culture to our religions and to our educations are affected by, reflect, and have profited from that racism. We are either anti-racist or we are part of the problem. We affirm that we will intentionally be anti-racist and that we have much work to do.

To do so, we must engage in advocacy both on and off campus to promote racial justice. We must engage in difficult, uncomfortable discussions and commit to meaningful support for those fighting for justice. We support student activism for racial justice and so join the Villanova Black Law Student Association in condemning the actions of Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale and support BLSA’s call for him to resign immediately. 

To be meaningful, our actions must be more than words and joint statements. As a faculty, we commit to deepening our racial analysis and further integrating anti-racism into our intellectual life, both in our teaching and scholarship and via workshops, speaker series, hiring procedures and decisions, programming on campus, and support for activism in and around the campus. We promise to hold each other accountable to that commitment and we welcome and encourage student input and advice as critical to that effort.  

We ask for institutional change to model a proactive move away from armed policing on campus and instead toward expanded mental health and community-building resources. We ask that our endowment is not invested in companies that profit from militarized policing and other forms of systemic oppression. We call for increased resources to be committed to recruiting and supporting students, faculty, and staff of color. To that end, Faculty Congress will seek to have Villanova establish a George Floyd Memorial Scholarship for aspiring Black leaders. We call on faculty and the Administration to support efforts (in actions, not just words) of Black Lives Matter and other organizations advocating for racial justice, including on campus like Get Woke Nova. We request that Father Peter and Provost Maggitti co-host a yearly forum with Faculty Congress to discuss what is being done to dismantle racism at Villanova. 

We call on all Villanovans to not only recite Veritas, Unitas, Caritas, but act in ways that embody these virtues.


Rory Kramer, Sociology & Criminology

Caitlin Barry, Law

Komal Vaidya, Law

Thomas Way, Computing Sciences

James Peyton Jones, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Aronté Bennett, Marketing & Business Law

Jerusha Conner, Education and Counseling

Christopher Kilby, Economics

Aaron Bauer, Biology

Aaron Wemhoff, Mechanical Engineering

Adele Lindenmeyr, Dean-Arts and Sciences

Ahmad Hoorfar, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Aimee Eggler, Chemistry

Alanna Owens, Nursing

Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Mathematics and Statistics

Alexandria Einspahr, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Alice Dailey, English

Alissa Vaillancourt, Dean-Arts and Sciences

Allison Payne, Sociology & Criminology 

Allyson Volinsky, Communication

Alyssa Stark, Biology

Amanda Grannas, Office of the Provost

Amanda Hess, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Amy Emerson, Law School

Amy Way, Communication

Andrea Welker, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrew Brandt, Law School Instruction

Andrew G Scott, Classical Studies

Andrew Woldar, Mathematics and Statistics

Angela DiBenedetto, Biology

Angelo Repousis, History

Ann O'Connor, MBA Program

Anna Moreland, Humanities/Augustinian Traditi

Anne Fink, Nursing

Anne Minicozzi, Augustine and Culture Seminar Program

Arta Szathmary, Computing Sciences

Ashley Leamon, Theatre

Ashley Pattwell, Communication

Barbara Hobyak-Roche, Theatre

Barbara Romaine, Global Interdisciplinary Studies

Barry Selinsky, Dean-Arts and Sciences

Benjamin Alfonsi, UNIT - Program Management Office

Beth Hassel, Office for Mission & Ministry

Beth Vallen, Marketing & Business Law

Bette Mariani, Nursing

Betty Lee Patch, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Billie Murray, Communication

Bonnie Henderson, Geography and the Environment

Brett Frischmann, Law School

Brianna Remster, Sociology - CRM

Bridget Wadzuk, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bright Nsowaa, Mathematics and Statistics

Bryan Crable, Communication

C. Nataraj, Mechanical Engineering

Calvin Li, Mechanical Engineering

Candace Centeno, Law School Instruction

Carla Narvaez, Biology

Carlos Jimenez, Romance Languages & Literature

Catharine Giancatarino, Campus Ministry

Catherine Kerrison, History

Catherine Warrick, Political Science

Cera Murtagh, Political Science

Charles Coe, Chemical Engineering

Charles Folk, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Chelsea Romito, Mathematics and Statistics

Cheryl Carleton, Economics

Chiji Akoma, Global Interdisciplinary Studies; English 

Chris Schmidt, Education and Counseling

Christa Bialka, Education and Counseling

Christian Thoroughgood, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Christine Brewer, Dean-Nursing

Christine Speidel, Law

Christy LangHearlson, Theology/Religious Studies

Craig French, Economics

Cristina Soriano, History

Daniel Joyce, Computing Sciences

Daniel Kraut, Chemistry

Danielle Gadson, Public Administration

Davey Tomlinson, Philosophy

David Califf, Classical Studies

David Chuss, Physics

David Dinehart, Civil and Environmental Engineering

David Nawrocki, Finance

Deborah Kendzierski, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Deborah Seligsohn, Political Science

Deeksha Seth, Mechanical Engineering

Deena Weisberg, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Derek Arnold, Communication

Diane Penneys Edelman, Law School Instruction

Diane Warchola, Public Administration

Dominic Canzanese, Mathematics and Statistics

Donna McFadden, Theatre

Doug Norton, Mathematics and Statistics

Dovid Kozlovsky, Biology

Dveera Segal, Law School 

Edward Wahesh, Education and Counseling

Elise Pasles, Mathematics and Statistics

Elise Pizzi, Nursing

Elizabeth Bruderle, Nursing

Elizabeth Kolsky, History

Elizabeth Petit de Mange, Nursing

Elizabeth Springuel, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Ellen Bonds, English

Ellen Socket, Clay Center

Emily Carson, Institute for Research & Scholarship

Emily McMordie, Clay Center at VSB

Erasmus Kersting, Economics

Eric Lomazoff, Political Science

Eric Musselman, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Esther Laury, Nursing

Etienne Achille, Romance Languages & Literature

Evan Radcliffe, English

Farshid Baghai, Philosophy

Frances Kreimer, Law School

Frederick Young, Economics

Gabrielle Schusler, Biology

Gerald Beyer, Theology/Religious Studies

Gerard Brandon, Human Resource Development

Glenn Bracey, Sociology & Criminology

Gordon Coonfield, Communication

Gregory Anderson, Mechanical Engineering

Gunita Grover, Finance

Gwendolyn Hamid, Nursing

Heather Baum, Law School Instruction

Heather Coletti, Philosophy

Heather Hicks, English

Heidi Grundetjern, Sociology - CRM

Heidi Rose, Communication

Helen Lafferty, Education and Counseling

Helene Moriarty, Nursing

Hezekiah Lewis, Communication

Irene Kan, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Jaclyn Parkinson, Nursing

James Bauerle, Mathematics and Statistics

James Ijames, Theatre

James McCartney, Philosophy

James Peters, Accountancy

James W Wilson, Biology

James Wetzel, Philosophy

Jared Paul, Chemistry

Jean Lutes, English

Jeanette Paulsen, Career Center

Jeanne Liedtka, Marketing and Business Law

Jeffrey Koller, Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey Kudisch, Management

Jen Jackson, Theology/Religious Studies

Jenn Brophy, Academic Support for Athletics

Jennifer Dixon, Political Science

Jennifer Joyce, Augustine and Culture Seminar & Center for Irish Studies

Jenny Filer, Office of Grants and Contracts

Jens Karlsson, Mechanical Engineering

Jesse Frey, Mathematics and Statistics

Jessica Webb, Law School Instruction

Jill McCorkel, Sociology - CRM

Jody Ross, English

Joey Neilsen, Physics

John A. Cunicelli, Romance Languages & Literatures

John Carvalho, Philosophy

John P Edwards, Campus Ministry

John Komlos, Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Pearce, Management

John Santomas, Mathematics and Statistics

JohnPaul Spiro, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Joseph Lennon, Center for Irish Studies /  English / GIS

Joseph Oechsle, Mathematics and Statistics

Joseph Toscano, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Josephine Nelson, Law School

Juanita Weaver, Communication

Julia Sheetz, Theology/Religious Studies

Julie Klein, Philosophy

Justin Mitsch, Chemistry

K Muller, Mathematics and Statistics

Kabindra Shakya, Geography and the Environment

Kaitlin Grady, O'Donnell Center for Professional Development VSB

Karen McKenna, Nursing

Kate Neilsen, English

Kathryn Getek Soltis, Peace and Justice

Kathryn Meloni, Continuing Studies Administration

Kathryn Szumanski, CLAS Office for Undergrad Students

Keith Henderson, Geography and the Environment

Kelly Amber, Executive MBA Program

Kelly Prsa, Astrophysics and Planetary Science

Kelly Welch, Sociology and Criminology

Kelly-Anne Diamond, History

Kelsey Borrowman, Philosophy

Kerry San Chirico, Theology/Religious Studies

Kevin D Clark, Management

Kevin DePrinzio, Theology/Religious Studies

Krista Malott, Education and Counseling

Lauren Miltenberger, Public Administration

Leila Malekmotiei, Mechanical Engineering

Leslie Book, Law School Instruction

Lillian Cassel, Computing Sciences

Linda Copel, Nursing

Linda Maldonado, Nursing

Lindsey Kriegel, Graduate Business 

Lisa Rodrigues, Geography and the Environment

Loretta Chiaverini, Communication

Lowell Gustafson, Political Science

Luisa Cywinski, Falvey Library

Maghan Keita, History/Global Interdisciplinary Studies

Manuela Priesemuth, Management

Marie Witman, Graduate Business Programs

Mark Doorley, Ethics

Marta Guron, Chemistry

Mary  Mullen, English

Mary L Mullen, English

Mary Migliozzi, Romance Languages & Literatures

Mary-Angela Papalaskari, Computing Sciences

MaryAnn Robinson, Law School Instruction

Matthew Carluzzo, Law School

Matthew Kerbel, Political Science

Megan Povelones, Biology

Melanie Menkevich, CLAS Global Programs Specialist

Melanie Subacus, Classics

Melissa Ferreira, Math Learning and Resource Ctr

Melissa Hodges, Sociology - CRM

Melodie Dorminy, Human Resource Development

Mercedes Julia, Romance Languages & Literature

Meredith MacKenzieGreenle, Nursing

Michael A Smith, Chemical Engineering

Michael Abdalla, Nursing

Michael Berthold, English

Michael Broder, Education and Counseling

Michael Brown, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Michael Heinrich, Chemistry

Michael Hollinger, Theatre

Michael J Campbell, Law School Instruction

Michael Malloy, English

Michael R Zimmerman, Biology

Michael Robson, Computing Sciences

Michael Swanick, Law School Instruction

Michael Tait, Mathematics and Statistics

Michael Thompson, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Michelle M Kelly, Nursing

Michelle Madden Dempsey, Law 

Miguel Ibáñez Aristondo, Romance Languages & Literature

Miranda Pilipchuk, Philosophy

Mirela Damian, Computing Sciences

Mohamed Pussah, Computing Sciences

Monica Allen, Marketing

Nancy Kelley, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Naomi WashingtonLeapheart, Theology/Religious Studies

Nathan Corwin, Mathematics and Statistics

Nathaniel Weston, Geography and the Environment

Neil Yahn, Accountancy

Noel Dolan, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Olukunle Owolabi, Political Science

Pankaj Patel, Management

Peter Chi, Mathematics and Statistics

Peter Kaufmann, Dean-Nursing

Peter Muller, Mathematics and Statistics

Peter Staffeld, Chemical Engineering

Q B. Chung, Accountancy & Information Systems

Rabih Moussawi, Finance

Rachel Baskin, Nursing

Rachel Smith, Theology/Religious Studies

Raisa Velthuis, Finance & Real Estate

Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez, Romance Languages & Literatures

Rayna Markin, Education and Counseling

Richard Adler, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rick Eckstein, Sociology - CRM

Rita DiCarlo, VSB Graduate Programs

RKelman Wieder, Biology

Robert DeFina, Sociology - CRM

Robert Jantzen, Mathematics and Statistics

Robert Traver, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Roberta Healey, Public Administration

Ruth Gordon, Law School Instruction

Ruth McDermott Levy, Nursing

Sally Scholz, Philosophy

Salvatore Poeta, Romance Languages & Literature

Samantha Chapman, Biology

Samer Abboud, Global Interdisciplinary Studies

Sarah Vaughan Brakman, Philosophy

Scott C Jackson, Chemical Engineering

Seth Lerman, Geography and the Environment

Seth Matthew Fishman, CLAS Office of Dean & Education & Counseling

Seth Pollins, English

Shauna MacDonald, Communication

Shea Mazar, VSB

Shea Rhodes, Law School Administration

Shelly Howton, Finance & Real Estate

Sheryl Bowen, Communication

Stefanie Knauss, Theology/Religious Studies

Stephanie Katz Linkmeyer, Chemistry

Stephanie Walkup, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Stephen Jones, Dean - College of Engineering

Stephen Koch, Assistant Director - Student Involvement

Stephen Liedtka, Accounting & Information Systems

Steven Goldsmith, Geography and the Environment

Steven Schultz, Law School Instruction

Sue Metzger, Accountancy & Info Systems

Susan Naylor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Sylvie Lorente, Mechanical Engineering

Tammi Etheridge, Law School Instruction

Taylor Landon-Freeman, Career Center

Teri Ravenell, Law 

Terry Nance, Office of Diversity and Inclus

Theodoros Arapis, Public Administration

Therese Narzikul, Executive MBA Program

Thomas Griffin, Finance & Real Estate

Thomas Ksiazek, Communication

Thomas Toppino, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Timothy McCall, History / Art History

Tina Agustiady, Professional Studies

Tina Waldeier Bizzarro, History of Art & Irish Studies

Tomás Hidalgo Nava, Romance Languages & Literatures

Travis Foster, English

Tsering Wangmo, English

Valentina DeNardis, Classical Studies

Valerie Booth, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Valerie Joyce, Theatre

Vaswati Chatterjee, Public Administration

Vikram Iyengar, Biology

Vikram Kamat, Mathematics and Statistics

Vincent Lloyd, Theology/Religious Studies

Virginia Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Vito Punzi, Chemical Engineering

Ward Utter, Management

William Fleischman, Computing Sciences

William Horne, Augustine and Culture Seminar

Yimin Zhang, Mathematics and Statistics

Yumi Lee, English

Zeynep Yom, Economics


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