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Laboratories located in Drosdick Hall support the majority of the activities in the NovaNano Lab.

The Core Genomics Laboratory (Drosdick 106)

The CG lab is an interdisciplinary facility that provides support for faculty and students, across all engineering fields, engaged in molecular and cellular bioengineering research and teaching. This 700-ft2 laboratory was established in 2009. The state-of-the-art genomics instrumentation in the laboratory was funded by an NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant, awarded in 2007.

The instrument inventory in the Core Laboratory includes an Applied Biosystems 7300 RT-PCR system for quantitative, real-time PCR analysis; a Shimadzu BioSpec-mini UV-Vis spectrophotometer optimized  for rapid quantification of RNA, DNA, and proteins; a NanoDrop spectrophotometer for quantification of RNA and DNA in microliter sample volumes; a microscopy suite with a Leica DM2000 upright microscope and a Leica DMI3000 inverted microscope, equipped with epifluorescent illumination and a Q-Imaging Retiga-SRV cooled CCD camera for imaging of cells and molecular probes; an Eppendorf 5417R refrigerated high-speed mini centrifuge; a Milli-Q Biocell water purification system that supplies RNAase free water; a Beckman-Coulter Vi-CELL™ cell viability analyzer; a Molecular Dynamics Gemini EM fluorescence plate reader; a Shimadzu HPLC with UV-Vis detector; a sonicator for cell lysis; an ultra-low freezer (-85oC); a basic freezer (-20oC); and a crushed ice maker.


The Nanoscale Multiphase/Interfacial Energy Transport Laboratory (Drosdick 014)

The Nanoscale multiphase/interfacial energy transport Laboratory (NovaNano Lab) is fully equipped with nanstructure syntheise, multiscale manufacturing, physical & chemical property calibration and thermal transport measurement apparatus and equipments. The equipments and setups within NovaNano Lab that will be used for this proposed project are:

  • Electrochemical ALD 5A Automated Electrochemical Flow Cell System (in EECS lab),
  • Lindberg/Blue M* 1500°C General-Purpose Tube Furnaces (in Drosdick 003 Materials Lab),
  • Contact Angle Goniometer M200,
  • MicroMeritics Gemini VII 2390 Surface Area Analyzer,
  • MicroMeritics AutoPore IV Mercury Porosimeter, I
  • In-house Made Two-phase Change Heat Transfer Apparatus,
  • XRD- D500 (incoming).

Within the Department of Mechanical Engineering general labs, following equipments will be employed to conduct the proposal project with no cost:

  • AgilentNano Indenter G200: a state-of-the-art comprehensive nanomechanical characterization system,
  • Agilent 5500 Atomic Force Microscope,
  • Hitachi S-4800 Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope,
  • Nanovea Jr25 Optical Profilometer.