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Nanoengineering Multiphase/Interfacial Energy Transport Laboratory (NovaNano)

This lab mainly deals with many issues emerging in the fields of mass and energy transport in nanoengineering systems, which is due to the rapid development of nanotechnology and science. Our purpose is to pursue the deep understanding of the fundamental principles and applications of the novel phenomena in nanoscale, such as thermomagnetic conversion, interfacial phenomena, multiphase mass/heat transfer in the mulitscale domain from nanoscale up to macroscale in newly developed hierarchical structures.



The members of the NovaNano Lab strive for excellence in research and strongly believe in the utmost importance of disseminating their findings through publications in various venues.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

A systematic study of pool boiling heat transfer on structured porous surfaces: From nanoscale through microscale to macroscale, RP Rioux, EC Nolan, CH Li, AIP Advances 4 (11), 117133, 2014

Special Section on Nanoscale Heat and Mass Transport and Applications in Energy and Medicine, CH Li, S Acharya, Y Jaluria, D Banerjee, Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine 4 (4), 040201, 2013

Magnetization and Specific Absorption Rate Studies of Ball-Milled Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomedicine, P Burnham, N Dollahon, CH Li, AJ Viescas, GC Papaefthymiou, Journal of Nanoparticles 2013, 2, 2013

Report on Carbon Nano Material Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities, S Acharya, J Alvarado, D Banerjee, WE Billups, G Chen, BA Cola, ..., Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering 17 (1), 10-24, 1, 2013

Professor Bud Peterson on his 60th birthday, H Ma, M Anderson, PS Ayyaswamy, A Bejan, Y Bayazitoglu, G Chen, ..., International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 1 (58), 3-5, 2013

Projects Activities

Members of the NovaNano Laboratory work on two themes of research in the field of nanoengineering materials and structures for energy and mass conversion and transport.   The principle goal is to discover and to understand the fundamental mechanisms at nanoscale and beneath for the applications of sustainable energy and medicine.

Please see our Current Research.


Nanocale Multiphase/Interfacial Energy Transport Laboratory (NovaNano Lab, Drosdick Hall 014)

Collaboration Laboratories at Bryn Mawr, UPenn and Princeton



Matt Aschroft has won the Summer Internship in National Lab, 2015

Russ Rioux has won the "Outstanding MS Graduate Award" of College of Engineering, 2015.

Alex Cain has won the summer internship at JPL, 2014

Dr. Calvin Li is interviewed by New Scientist Magazine on the feature article of "Nano magic: The power of powder to save energy", July 5th, 2013, Page 36.

Eric Nolan Won the "Outstand MS Graduate Award" of Department of Mechancial Engineering,  2013

Stephen Schraer won the "Academic Excellent Award",2013

Russell Rioux won the Villanova University 2013 Falvey Scholar Award,

Christopher Pietrocarlo won Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 2013