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Recent Publications by Dr. Mojtaba Vaezi are among Best Readings of IEEE Communications Society

Dr. Mojtaba Vaezi

Three recent publications of Dr. Mojtaba Vaezi, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, are listed among the Best Readings of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), which was released on April 21, 2020. Best Readings is a small collection of journal/magazine special issues, books, articles and papers on a featured topic. Typically, less than 0.1% of publications in each field are recognized. Dr. Vaezi’ s publications are on the topic of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access and include his book Multiple Access Techniques for 5G Wireless Networks and Beyond, which was published during his first year at Villanova University, as well as one of his magazine papers and a journal paper both published during his postdoctoral studies at Princeton University.  

As a senior member of IEEE, Dr. Vaezi is one of the rising stars in ComSoc and a key player in the field of non-orthogonal multiple access. In the past three years, he has organized six international workshops for the flagship conferences of IEEE ComSoc (ICC and Globecom). He has also delivered keynote talks, served as an editor of IEEE Transactions on Communications, and as a guest editor of special issues in this field. To read more about Dr. Vaezi’s research and publications, please refer to his website.