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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students Publish, Present and Win Conference Awards

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Achievements

Mechanical Engineering graduate students spent fall 2019 presenting at academic conferences and collecting awards.

  • The 7x24 meeting is the leading knowledge exchange for data center, IT and mission critical professionals. Attending and presenting with Drs. Aaron Wemhoff and Alfonso Ortega, were doctoral students Li Chen and Rehan Khalid. Chen co-authored “Economic and Environmental Analysis of U.S.-Based Data Centers Containing Photovoltaic Power Generation” and Khalid co-authored “Recover and Upgrade Waste Heat from Data Centers by Coupling Two-Phase Server Cooling with Heat Pump Systems."
  • Doctoral student Karl Fetzer won best robotics paper the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference for “Trajectory Tracking of 3D Autonomous Vehicles Using Backstepping Control,” which he co-authored with Drs. Sergey Nersesov and Hashem Ashrafiuon.
  • Doctoral student Carol Caceres and MSME student Deogratius Kisitu won best Villanova poster at the ES2 (Center for Energy Smart Electronic Systems) Fall 2019 IAB meeting.
  • Villanova students won multiple awards at the ASME IMECE Society-Wide Micro and Nano Technology Forum:
    • C2 Most Innovative Theoretical Awards: Bchara Sidnawi (Wu Group)
    • C7 Best Poster Illustration Awards: Yichen Qian (Cereceda Group)
    • C8 Advances in Manufacturing Awards: Dong Zhou (Bo Li Group)
    • C10 Advances in Materials Awards: Lin Zhang (Feng Group)
    • C12 Advances in Biotechnology Awards: Ji Lang (Wu Group) and Qiuyun Wang (recent graduate, Wu Group)
    • The following won NSF travel awards to attend the forum: Dong Zhou, Yichen Qian, Lin Zhang, Xiaosong Liu, Bchara Sidnawi, Qiuyun Wang, Zenghao Zhu, Ji Lang
    • The ASME IMECE NSF Student Poster Award, Impacts to Underrepresented/Minority Award: Zenghao Zhu (recent graduate, Wu group)

They also co-authored a number of publications:

  • Wang, Q., Pei, S., Lu, L., Wang, L., and Wu, Q., 2019 On the Characterization of Interstitial Fluid Flow in the Skeletal Muscle Endomysium. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
  • Zhu, Z., Nathan, R. and Wu, Q. 2019 On the gravity-driven sliding motion of a planar board on a tilted soft porous layer. Tribology Letters, DOI: 10.1007/s11249-019-1238-8.
  • Wang, Q., Nathan, R., and Wu, Q. 2019 On the Fluid Pressurization in a Soft Porous Media, a Correction to the Current Theoretical Models. Journal of Porous Media, DOI: 10.1615/JPorMedia.2019024717.
  • Lang, J., Nathan, R., and Wu, Q. 2019 Experimental Study of Transient Squeezing Film Flow. Journal of Fluids Engineering, 141(8): 081110.
  • Lang, J., Nathan, R., and Wu, Q. 2019 Theoretical and Experimental Study of Transient Squeezing Flow in a Highly Porous Media. Tribology International, 135: 259-268.
  • Wang, Q., Zhu, Z., Nathan, R., and Wu, Q. 2019 On the Study of the Response of Soft Porous Matter to External Impacts Using an Up-scaled Indenter. European Journal of Mechanics /B Fluids, 76: 332-339.
  • Zhu, Z., Nathan, R., and Wu, Q. 2019 Multiscale Soft Porous Lubrication. Tribology International 137:246-253.
  • Zhu, Z., Weinbaum, S., and Wu, Q. 2019 Experimental study of soft porous lubrication. Physical Review Fluids 4: 024305.
  • Sidnawi, B., Chen, Z., Sehgal, C., Santhanam, S., and Wu, Q. 2019 Characterization of blood velocity in arteries using a combined analytical and Doppler imaging approach. Physical Review Fluids, 4: 053101.
  • Sidnawi, B., Santhanam, S. and Wu, Q. 2019 Analytical and Numerical Study of a Pulsatile Flow in a Porous Tube. Journal of Fluids Engineering, 141(12): 121205.
  • Dong Zhou, Bo Li, et al., Sono-Assisted Surface Energy Driven Assembly of 2D Materials on Flexible Polymer Substrates: A Green Assembly Method Using Water, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 11, 36, 33458-33464.
  • L. Zhang, X. Liu, A. Deb, and G. Feng, Ice-templating synthesis of hierarchical and anisotropic silver-nanowire-fabric aerogel and its application for enhancing thermal energy storage composites, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, In Press.
  • L. Zhang, L. An, Y.H. Wang, A. Lee, A. Ural, A. Fleischer, and G. Feng, Thermal Enhancement and Shape Stabilization of A Phase-Change Energy Storage Material via Copper Nanowire Aerogel, Chemical Engineering Journal, 373 (2019) 857-869.
  • L. An, D. Zhang, L. Zhang, and G. Feng, Effect of Nanoparticle Size on the Mechanical Properties of Nanoparticle Assemblies, Nanoscale, 11 (2019) 9563-9573.
  • Dai, T.; Fleischer, A.S.; Lee, R.; Wemhoff, A.P. (2019) Life Cycle Inventory Regionalization and Uncertainty Characterization: a Multilevel Modeling Approach. Journal of Cleaner Production, in press. In the paper, we put forward a novel approach for the data processing in life cycle assessment (LCA), which allows regionalized LCI database compilation and fully quantified uncertainty characterization, which altogether are the key remaining challenges for the broader application of the LCA method.
  • Khalid, R., Wemhoff, A. P. (in press). Thermal Control Strategies for Reliable and Energy Efficient Data Centers. ASME Journal of Electronics Packaging.
  • Rose, I., Wemhoff, A. P., Fleischer, A. S. (2019). The Performance Impact of Integrating Water Storage into a Chiller-less Data Center Design. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 11, 021010.

Congratulations to all our Mechanical Engineering graduate students!

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