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Villanova University Engineering Alumni Society Award for Teaching Excellence

VUEAS Award for Teaching Excellence was established in 2014 to recognize a full-time engineering faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching leading to improved student learning. Nominations for this award are made by the students, faculty (self-nominations are permissible), and staff. Nominees must be full-time faculty that have served in their role for at least two years. Nominators must submit a 300 word description of why they are making the nomination. Nominees are notified of their nomination and are required to submit a one-page description of their teaching practices substantiating its effectiveness to be considered for the award. An additional page of publications and grants specifically related to teaching may also be included. The recipient of this award is selected by the Department Chairs and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. After winning, candidates are not eligible to receive the award for the following five years.

Past Recipients

2021 - Virginia Smith
2020 - Robert Caverly
- Jacob Elmer
- Kristin Sample-Lord
- Leslie McCarthy
 - Garrett Clayton
2015 - Shawn Gross
2014 - Edward Char