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Endowed Gifts to the
College of Engineering

We thank the generous individuals, couples, and families whose endowed gifts support College of Engineering students, faculty, research, facilities, outreach, and service. You make it possible to sustain one of the nation’s leading undergraduate engineering programs!


Susan W. and William C. Allen ’69 Endowed Fund for Chemical Engineering

The Michael Anastasio ’73 Endowed Service Learning Fund

George L. Aulbach Family Endowed University Scholarship

Rosanna S. and Robert S. Ayerle, M.D., Endowed Scholarship

The Karen M. Mudry and Richard D. Avil, Jr. ’70 Endowed Fund for Engineering

The Bawduniak-Collins-Gosselin (BCG) Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert J. and Karen Z. Bettacchi Endowed University Scholarship

The Louis C. Biggi Trust Endowed Engineering Scholarship

James R. Birle Endowed Chair in Energy Technology

Coleen M. Burke-Finney ’90, ’99 and Michael J. Finney Endowed Scholarship in Support of the Luckow Scholarship Challenge Program

Mary and George P. Cain ’43 Endowed Scholarship

Anthony F. Calapristi ’40 Endowed University Scholarship in Engineering

Roselynn and Nicholas A. ’65 Calio Endowed Engineering Fund

Joseph B. Callaghan ’59 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Anne M. and Thomas A. Caramanico ’71 Endowed Service Learning Fund

Arthur M. Carleton Endowed Scholarship

Brenda H. and Robert G. Catalanello ’86 Endowed Scholarship for Engineering

Michael D. Cavanna Memorial Endowed Fund for Chemical Engineering

Christman Family Endowed Scholarship

Christopher J. and Frances D. Cona Tau Beta Pi Endowed Scholarship in Support of the Luckow Scholarship Challenge Program

Michael S. and Debra M. Curry Endowed Scholarship

Susan M. ’84, ’91 and Christopher ’84 Damico Endowed Fund for Engineering Entrepreneurship

Edward A. Daylor Endowed Chair of Civil Engineering

April and Joe '68 Denny Service Learning Endowment in the College of Engineering

Dewling Family Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Environmental Engineering Study for Women

Josephine C. Dicciani Memorial Endowed Engineering Scholarship

Nance K. Dicciani PhD '69 Endowed Chemical Engineering Chair

The Jean M. and Nicholas J. DiMarino ’63 Endowed Fund for Chemical Engineering

William N. and Maureen E. Dooley Endowed Service Learning Fund

Rev. Francis D. Dougherty, O.S.F.S., Endowed University Scholarship

James A. Drobile Dean’s Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Drosdick Endowed Dean of the College of Engineering

The Barbara J. and James P. Dunigan ’74 Endowed Fund for Professional Development

Bernard F. and Helen E. Dunigan Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Ermilio Family Endowed Service Learning Fund

The Frank ’70, ’73 and Linda Falcone Endowed Fund for Professional Development in Engineering

Faris Family Endowed Fund for Engineering Outreach

The Richard K. Faris ’69, ’70 MSCE Engineering Facilities Endowed Fund

Robert J. Fitzmyer ’50 Endowment for Engineering Faculty Development

The Floyd Family Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Flynn Family Endowed Fund for Chemical Engineering

Fogarty Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Donald P. Fusilli ’73 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

William J. Galm ’60 Endowed Engineering Scholarship

The Joseph and Antoinette Giannamore and Stephen and Anna Frenis Memorial Endowed Electrical Engineering Scholarship

Daniel M. Giletta ’'11 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Guillaro Family Endowed Scholarship

Harris Summer Innovation Program Endowed Fund

Hartner Family Endowed Integrated Service Learning Fund

Susan M. and Dale M. ’70, ’76 Heist Endowed Fund in Support of Engineering Entrepreneurship

Shirley and George G Hoberg ’45 Endowed Electrical Engineering Scholarship

John F. Igoe ’63 Endowed Scholarship in Support of the Luckow Scholarship Challenge Program

Jamie F. Iudica ’98, ’06 Endowed Engineering Scholarship in Support of the Luckow Scholarship Challenge Program

John P. Jones III ’72 Endowed Villanova Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory Fund

The Patrick C. Keane ’82 Family Engineering Endowed Fund for Study Abroad in Ireland

Sharon E. ’84 and Andrew J. ’79 Kelleher Endowed Fund for Professional Development

Rita B. and Joseph J. Krackeler PhD ’59 Endowed Fund for Chemical Engineering

David E. ’98, ’00 and Karie Lewicki Endowed Scholarship for Young Alumni in Support of the Luckow Scholarship Challenge Program

The Linda P. and William K. Lorenz ’68 Endowed Fund in Sustainable Engineering

Robert D. Lynch ’53 Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Thomas J. and Margaret A. Lynch Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Carl R. Maio ’49 and Mary Catherine Maio Endowed Scholarship for Engineering

Heat Transfer Laboratory in Honor of Dr. Edward V. McAssey Jr.

John C. McFadden ’65 Endowed Fund for Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

Lauren J. and Anthony J. ’82 Melone Endowed Engineering Scholarship

Professor Joseph J. Hicks University Scholarship Endowed by Margaret C. and Robert J. Merkert Sr.

Arthur Metzler, PE, ’86 Endowed Engineering Entrepreneurship Fund

James ’68 COE and Kathleen Meyer Endowed Scholarship Fund

Joseph T. Mooney, Sr. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Moritz, Sr. Endowed Chair in Systems Engineering

James Robert Mucchetti Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Electrical Engineering

David ’81 and Nicola ’81 Nolan Endowed Engineering Entrepreneurship Fund

William J. O'Brien Endowed University Scholarship

Carolyn and Philip A. Piro ’50 Endowed Scholarship for Engineering

Donald H. Piser Endowed University Scholarship

Joseph K. Posillico ’81 Endowed Scholarship for Engineering

William J. Pratt ’64 Endowed Fund for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robins-O'Sullivan Endowed Chair in the College of Engineering

The Carlos B. Rosas Chemical Engineering Scholarship

Brenda F. and Thomas V. Sanzone ’68 Endowed Scholarship

A. Anthony Scarpa Scholarship

Nancy and Karl F. Schmidt ’78 Endowed Service Learning Fund

Donald E. Schmitt ’45 Endowed Scholarship

Henry P. Seager ’66 Endowed Scholarship for Electrical Engineering

Sharon and Charles Shaver Endowed Fund for Faculty Support

Edward A. Stroud ’59 Endowed Scholarship in Support of the Luckow Scholarship Challenge Program

Paul R. Trumpler Memorial Endowed Fund for Engineering

Jan and Paul ’65 Varello College of Engineering Endowment

Mel ’58 and Pauline Ventura Fund for Engineering Faculty Support

Mary and Charles J. Volpe ’59 Dean’s Endowed Equipment Fund for Engineering

The Patrick J. Cunningham and Susan M. Ward ’80 Endowed Fund for Professional Development

Patrick J. Cunningham, Jr. and Susan Ward ’80 Endowed Lecture Series in Engineering

Edward J. Welsh Jr. /ADCO Electrical Corporation Endowed Scholarship

Gerald A. White Fund for Biotechnology Research

R. E. White Endowed Scholarship Fund

Yatczyn Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

To learn how you can make a financial contribution to the College of Engineering, contact:

Cynthia Rutenbar
Executive Director of Development for the College of Engineering
Office: 610-519-6973
Cell: 484-680-9364

Lynn Burke
Major Gift Officer
Office: 610-519-6916

College of Engineering
Office of the Dean
Drosdick Hall 310
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

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