Strawberry Mansion


3133 Ridge Ave 19132

US News Article about Strawberry Mansion

Monday. Or Wednesday 8:00-11:20 or Tuesday or Thursday 12:45-4:00- and All times include travel

Tuesday or Thursday 12:45-4:15  (senior Project)  create a  group project with high school students based on the passion of a high school student. The completion and presentation of this project will be your own CAP project. Each mentor will read “The Element” which inspires readers to find their passion. Projects may include interviewing, making a movie or video and a research paper. 


Monday or Wednesday 7:45-11:20 Entrepreneurship:  Mansion would like a team to work on creating a fundraising dance-a-thon to cover senior fees and to start a process for record keeping for culinary project food sales.  Both these projects will meet the criteria for the Community Action Project required for SLC. 


The school was on the closure list, the community, staff, teachers and principal fought to keep it open. In one year they have been removed from the persistently dangerous list.  “Mansion” as it is called is in one of the poorest zip codes in the US. See:  Philly article about Strawberry Mansion  for story on closing.

Mansion is led by a dynamic principal. Take a look at her recent Ted Talk to learn more about her and the students at Mansion. 


 Villanova students are being called to participate in one of three projects at Mansion:

  • Assisting students in their senior project.  The senior project at Mansion helps students find their Element.  All mentors for senior projects are required to read, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson.  (afternoon)
  • Leading an initiative to establish a Dance-A-Thon to help seniors pay their class dues.  (morning)
  • Working with the Entrepreneurship class. This class will primarily focus on establishing procedures and selling baked goods for the existing culinary department and establishing a school store.  (morning times)

What our students say

My time at Mansion has been incredible. I have gained so much from the students we worked with and I always enjoyed my time there. For the first half of the semester, we worked with a few students on their math skills for the Keystone tests. Usually the students struggle with the concepts in the beginning but it is a really great experience when you get to see the students develop their skills and they actually understand what they are learning by the end. During the second half of the semester, my group and I worked on creating a Talent Show for the school and it was a very unique experience. Every Tuesday we worked with the students that were going to be in the show and we helped them to develop their acts until they were performance ready. In the end, the show was a great success and we were able to raise funds to give back to school. It was a really great experience and it was awesome to see how happy they were after all their hard work paid off.  Alex Rigley ‘17