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Families Forward

Families Forward: Shelter for Homeless Families (new site)

Tutoring Club for children who live in the shelter.

111 N49th Street Philadelphia 19139 215-240-4800 x100

This site has not been confirmed. 


We are supporting SREHUP by offering tutoring at SREHUP Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia.  Since 1915, Families Forward Philadelphia has been dedicated to the same mission – to provide information, advice, guidance, protection and shelter…originally targeted to travelers.  We continue this legacy 100 years later by meeting the needs of Philadelphia’s homeless families. 

Service days and times   Mondays and Thursdays 3pm-6pm 

Clearances      All volunteers will need triple clearance Follow direction for volunteers in this link.

You must be prepared to turn in copies of clearance results


What will do you at Families Forward?

Volunteers are needed in the Department of Education to assist children in our Family Residence and Community Housing Program achieve educational goals by providing homework help and tutoring. Homework help, and tutoring. Our volunteers focus on reinforcing basic math, literacy, and writing skills, which are subject areas our children tend to struggle with. Volunteers should have a willingness to work with children in a busy environment, excellent people skills, and an enthusiasm for education! Kindergarten – Twelfth grades. Volunteers should be willing to work in a busy environment and have a strong desire to help. Our students living in the shelter often struggle with Basic math, Literacy, Writing and Fundamental socialization skills