Building 21

Building 21

High School in North Philadelphia

Wednesday or Thursday 12:30-4 (7-10 students)

New program at Building 21


Building 21 Ferguson is a non-selective competency-based high school in the School District of Philadelphia. It is a new secondary model that seeks to facilitate an authentic learning experience that will address the unique social and academic needs of all learners.

The B21 Ferguson team will work closely with members of the local and school communities to carefully construct a robust network of online, offline, individual, small group, large group, skills-based, and applied learning opportunities to more effectively serve students of all types. Most importantly, the Building 21 model will develop teachers as guides and students as designers of their own pathways to graduation by giving them choice and voice about how, what, and where they learn.

What will mentors do at Building 21

Dual Enrollment Mentor: Mentors will work with 11th grade Building 21 students, who are enrolled in Dual Enrollment at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). These students are taking college level courses at CCP for both high school and college credit. Mentors will assist them with their transition to college level learning. Mentors will help their B21 students organize their notes and planners, study for exams, complete homework, read and take notes on assigned readings, and with the general transition to college level learning. Each Villanova mentor will be matched with one or two B21 students for the semester.

Career and College Studio Mentor: At Building 21, we enroll our Design Level students (11th grade) in a Career and College Studio to expose them to and prepare them for the process of researching, applying to, and selecting a post-secondary path. Mentors will attend this studio, taught by our School Counselor. Mentors will be asked to participate in discussion about career and college; they will help students complete interest surveys, preliminary applications, requests for college and career information, testing registrations, scholarship questionnaires, and a variety of other pre-college activities. Villanova Mentors will add the knowledge and experiences of current college students to this studio!