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SLC Leadership Co-Chair and Student Facilitator Application

Rolling applications until January 22, 2015

SLC Leadership: Co-Chair and Student Facilitator Application

    A student leader is a responsible member of the ongoing Service Learning Community.  She/he has been a faithful member of SLC during their sophomore year.  A student leader for SLC chooses to lead in order to engage others in dialogue and to continue their own search for ways to use their skills and knowledge for the benefit of others.  A student co-chair or facilitator for SLC has the desire to gain knowledge that will enable them to critically think about the world and to advocate for the common good.

We are looking for students who share these characteristics:

  • Knowledge of SLC
  • Understands and can communicate the value of the integration of academics, service, and reflection.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Open to others viewpoints and aware that there is always more to learn.
  • Ability and desire to build relationships with new SLC members.
  • Motivated to serve.
  • Excellent Attendance and Dependability.
  • Organized.
  • Demonstrates ability to follow through with commitments.
  • Ability to manage time commitments.
  • Positive role model for new memebers of the community.
  • Team oriented.
  • Recognizes that there is always room to continually improve.
  • Recommendation from Instructor that demonstrates a positive role in fourth hour.

Co-Chair job Description:

  • Attend weekly service.
  • Participate in all SLC community events (Partnership Dinner, Celebration Dinner, etc.)
  • Participate in weekly leadership meetings (approximately 2 hours per week).
  • Co-Chairs are assigned particular tasks to focus on.  Depending on the number of co-chairs for a given semester, their responsibilities include:
    • Communication Co-Chair (SCOOP)
    • Student Facilitator Co-Chair
    • Events Co-Chair
    • Recruitment Co-Chair
    • Community Co-Chair (4th hour Council and Community Nights)
    • Service Co-Chairs

Student Facilitator Job Description:

  • Attend weekly service
  • Participate in all SLC community events (Partnership Dinner, Celebration Dinner, etc.)
  • Lead a weekly 4th hour seminar, along with the support of another student facilitator and a professional instructor (approximately, 2 hours per week, which includes preparation)
  • Participate in monthly SLC leadership training sessions (1.5 hours per month).


For Graduate Assistants

  • No Graduate Assistant positions are currently open.
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What is Service Learning Community

Service: You will mentor a child or teen, tutor in classroom and after school programs, teach adult literacy, teach in local high schools, and teach Peer Mediation to elementary school children or high school students for 3-4 hours per week.

There are soup kitchen and homeless shelter service sites available.

Learning: You are required to take one course fall and spring semester that are designated for the Sophomore Service Learning Community. You are also required to register for a 1 credit integrating seminar.

Community: You will live with students who share values and desire to serve the poor and examine the causes and structures in society which keep people poor. You will enjoy Community nights, evenings of reflection celebration dinners, orientation in August and January and day of service in September and opportunities to choose some weekends of service.