As Villanova alum, you have the opportunity to enhance your expertise and advance your career with non-credit professional education certificate programs and courses through the College of Professional Studies (CPS) at a special alumni tuition rate.


Women's Leadership Class

Your education and your career go hand-in-hand, with each fueling the other throughout your life. Professional education can be called many things, including continuing education, professional development, or even executive education.

These non-credit bearing programs and courses are generally able to be completed faster than a degree program and provide more focused education in a specific industry or skill. Whether you want to build expertise in an area that can get you to the next level in your career, or prepare for an industry certification, or perhaps change careers — professional education might be the path for you.


Choose From a Wide Variety of In-Demand Programs

CPS has dozens of professional education programs to get you the skills, knowledge, certifications and networking opportunities to help you reach your career goals. No matter your industry, role, or experience level, we have the courses or events suited for your needs.

With a robust suite of online, hybrid and in-person programs in areas such as project management, process improvement, human resources, business analysis, and Lean Six Sigma, students can build expertise, prepare to earn an industry recognized certification or complete a resume-boosting certificate program in a short timeframe.

Live lectures in nearly every course build a true learning community and allow for valuable interaction amongst students and faculty.   


faculty member, Terri Boyer, stands in the middle of a class of professional adult students

Ongoing training and development for employees in your organization attracts talent that values learning and personal growth and it shows an organization's investment in their people. CPS offers corporate and group training solutions for organizations across every industry. From discounts for groups of employees enrolling in public courses or programs, to custom offerings tailored specifically to your strategic needs, the College of Professional Studies can assist you with a variety of solutions.


Villanova's Professionally Focused free webinar series offers practical, immediately applicable knowledge and tools from our program faculty and industry experts.

With a new theme each semester, these short and interactive webinars empower you to learn new skills and tactics to make you even more valuable to your employer.

Past topics include:

  • Traits of Inclusive Leaders
  • Networking: Build Your Brand
  • Change Management
  • Conscious Leadership
  • "Managing Up"

View the Professionally Focused Webinar Series for more information and upcoming sessions.

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Marketing yourself is key in a competitive job market. One way to stand apart from others is by earning a digital badge to display on your resume, as well as social media accounts like LinkedIn.

Upon completion of many of our professional education programs, you'll be awarded a digital badge to display on your social media accounts and showcase to both your peers and potential employers. In addition to a badge, most programs and courses also earn you a certificate of completion.

Robert Brickhouse

After leaving Villanova as a teenager in 1992, Robert was determined to return. In 2022, he left Villanova with his degree.

Madison DeWispelaere

Early in her career, Madison was ready for a new challenge. Her time at CPS prepared her for a leadership role.

Shelby Meyers

Inspired by passion for healthcare advocacy, Shelby used what she learned at CPS to change careers and make an impact.

Our Students

Their pursuit is inspiration. Because here at Villanova, we know that where you've been is just the beginning.