At Villanova's College of Professional Studies, we believe life experience is the kindling to the brightest futures. We believe the past is a launch pad. Our students are empowered to set ambitious goals and provided the education and skills to reach those goals. CPS is proud of our students and alumni, especially those making a difference in their communities. These are the stories of CPS students, driven to Pursue the Next You.



Robert Brickhouse

Persistence is Instrumental

Robert Brickhouse '22 CPS took a long journey to his Villanova degree, which will fuel his passion as a music director.

Michael DiMaio

Continuing to Serve

Michael DiMaio '23 CPS uses the lessons he's learned in the military and at Villanova to help fellow veterans in need.

Ronell Smith

The Value of Education

Ronell Smith '21 CPS showed years of hard work, sacrifice, and care in earning her degree, with the goal of passing that knowledge on to others.


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