Available On Campus.


The College of Professional Studies offers a thirty-six credit Certificate in Accountancy in partnership with the Villanova School of Business. The program consists of twelve (12) courses: six (6) required courses and six (6) elective courses, offered on-campus during the daytime.

The Accountancy Certificate allows those with bachelor's degrees in liberal arts or other non-business majors to acquire accounting expertise. It is designed for both individuals wishing to pursue a career in business or government accounting and the self-employed who require a stronger accounting background.

When paired with the appropriate undergraduate degree, the accounting credits earned through the Accountancy Certificate Program may assist those seeking to earn the 150 credit hours required in most states to sit for the CPA examination. For additional information on the education requirements for the exam, please visit the professional licensure/certification resource page.


Earn a Digital Badge

Students will earn a digital badge that demonstrates their skills and commitment to furthering their professional education when they successfully complete the full Accountancy Certificate program. This Certificate requires 36 accounting and business-related credits which the state of PA currently mandates as the minimum requirement to sit for the CPA examination. These badges are great to display on career platforms like LinkedIn and are a visual way of representing your expertise.


Requirements for the Certificate in Accountancy:

  • To be eligible for this certificate, you must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  • Students are required to have completed any prerequisite courses necessary (indicated in Villanova's Undergraduate Catalog) for any particular course in the certificate program. 
  • A maximum of four (4) courses may be transferred in from the following four – Principles of Financial AccountingPrinciples of Managerial AccountingCorporate Responsibility, and Principles of Finance. No other course substitutions will be allowed. All upper-level courses in the certificate program must be completed at Villanova University. 

Visit the Admissions webpage to view all admissions requirements. Once you have reviewed the process and requirements, you may apply to your program of interest.

The educational requirements for the CPA exam in various states can be found on the professional licensure/certification resource page on the Office of the Provost website.