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Student Spotlight: John Weinberger ‘22


After serving in the Navy for almost five years, Weinberger worked for various telecommunications companies, until post-traumatic stress disorder forced him to leave his career. Through what he calls a “miraculous set of circumstances,” he wound up enrolled in the College of Professional Studies to pursue the next step in his career.

While his studies are focused on Information Systems and Cybersecurity, Weinberger has found additional opportunities at Villanova. One of his main extracurricular activities is hosting a classic rock show, Time Bomb Radio, on WXVU, Villanova’s radio station. While he began working with the radio to get public speaking experience, which he foresees being an asset for his future career, Weinberger feels a strong connection to music. By incorporating the memories evoked by the songs he plays, he gives a strong personal touch to the show.

Weinberger may not be a traditional adult learner, but he’s found pathways to make the program work for him and his goals. One example was his interest in studying abroad. Since the program was designed for working adults, this wasn’t a typical offering. However, he talked to the administration and got approval to study abroad. Even though his study abroad plans had to be put on hold due to coronavirus, he provided the opportunity for future College of Professional Studies students to have this experience.

Weinberger credits his success with the community and support system he’s found at Villanova. From the Office of Veterans and Military Service Members to his professors to the writing center, he’s made great connections and surrounded himself with people who want to see him accomplish his goals.

Weinberger’s life philosophy can be summarized in one central idea: take advantage of all the opportunities you’re given. And with help from his support system and the College of Professional Studies, he’s doing just that.