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On the Cutting Edge: CPS and Emerging Technologies

As technology changes, so do the College of Professional Studies (CPS) course offerings. The development of new technology-based courses to train students to work in the cutting-edge fields of emerging technologies is constantly underway. The number of students interested in pursuing careers in emerging technology industries is growing, and CPS can provide the training to arm students with the necessary skills and knowledge to break into these highly competitive and rewarding industries.

CPS offers a variety of technology-based courses and degrees, both credit bearing and non-credit professional programs. The BIS in Information Systems is an undergraduate degree program with course work focused on programming, database and system design and project management.   

Sandra Mosquera-Davidson, a native of Colombia, graduated from Villanova in 2016 with a BIS degree in Information Systems and now works as a Java web developer for Thomson Reuters. Mosquera-Davidson received a call for an interview with Thomson Reuters the day before her graduation from Villanova and she, “100% attributes her career success to her Villanova degree.” At the time of her interview with Thomson Reuters, Mosquera-Davidson, had just completed a databases course that provided her with the necessary knowledge to succeed in the technical portion of the interview—“I wouldn’t have gotten the job without that class,” she said.   

James Lyons, class of 2015, also holds a BIS in Information Systems. Lyons is the Information Technology Manager at the Haverford Trust Company where he manages the company’s database systems. “The sense of community that is instilled in all Villanova students carried over in my thinking about the company I work for, and the courses were extremely relevant to my field.” Lyons uses the lessons he learned in one “fascinating” course in particular—Digital Forensics—in his daily job function. “My Villanova experience was a game changer,” he said.

Technology-focused certificate programs like Automation, Drones in Business and Information Systems, as well as online certifications like Information Security Management and Software Testing can help working professionals who already have an undergraduate degree to increase their knowledge and applicable skills in these specific emerging technology areas.

As emerging technologies rapidly evolve, CPS’ degrees and certifications can help students and professionals keep up with the latest industry trends, giving them an advantage over competitors and opening doors into new fields.