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Congratulations, CPS Class of 2017!


This weekend marks Villanova University’s 174th Commencement. The College of Professional Studies is proud of our students who accomplished their goals and our graduating this weekend.  As their time at Villanova comes to a close, we asked our graduates to reflect on their experience at Villanova and share with us what it means to them to earn their degree.

Here is what some of our graduates had to say:

Cori Naturale: "I am so happy to be finishing my degree at Villanova University. This school has helped me grow into the person and the leader I want to be. I look forward to remaining a part of this special community."

Sean O’Donnell: “My Villanova experience couldn't have been more fulfilling and enriching.  I can say, without a doubt, that I am a better husband, friend, and overall human being due to my time here at 'Nova!!”

David Siminski: “Upon completing my degree I developed a new sense of self. I experienced constant growth and excitement; pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do. A wonderful challenge and accomplishment. Four years of constant go and never-ending possibilities.”

Ronnell Smith: “The professors at Villanova care about the subject matter they teach, as well the students they interact with. As a Leadership Studies student I can say my coursework easily translated into workplace solutions as a federal government employee. The material was relevant, thought-provoking and challenging. The education I received at Villanova University was superb! I appreciate all the professors who took time to pour into my present and my future as a strong leader. Thank you, Villanova.”

Therese Wosczyna: “Over the last ten years I have been working towards my BIS Leadership degree. I have not only gained knowledge, but most importantly I have gained self-confidence. Individually, each professor played a role in each step of helping to obtain my goal, and as a group they were critical. To quote Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” For this great experience, I will be forever grateful to Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies.”  

Joseph Zakrzewski: “Completing my college education had always been a goal of mine, though it was a struggle, at first. I took classes at other institutions, but never felt comfortable. I needed more, and I found everything I needed at Villanova. The faculty and staff, the flexible schedules, as well as my classmates made my Villanova experience something I never dreamed of. From part-time studies to CPS there was always a supportive atmosphere that would encourage excellence. I am truly honored to call myself an alumnus of Villanova University.”

2017 CPS Graduates:

  • Nicholas Banton
  • Frank Bennett
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Christopher Corso
  • Regina Dawley
  • Dennis DeMarco
  • Brian Donegan
  • Paul Johnson
  • Jee Hee Kim
  • Sebastian Krauss
  • Cori Naturale
  • Brandon Neikam
  • Sean O’Donnell
  • Nora Ramos-Rojas
  • Brittany Revels
  • Felicia Rivers
  • Phengsombath Saysana
  • David Siminski
  • Susan Small
  • Ronnell Smith
  • Abhiman Taranath
  • Julie Wallace Magliocco
  • Stephen Werpehowski
  • Therese Wosczyna
  • Jerry Zacharatos
  • Joseph Zakrzewski