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Villanova in the Media

Media Highlights from September and October 2022


Villanova’s distinctive academic programs, world-class faculty, leading research and scholarship, and high-achieving students place the University in the national media spotlight. Below is a sampling of media highlights from September and October 2022.

Companies Plan to Boost College Grad Hiring in 2023

The Wall Street Journal

Postings for jobs and internships at Villanova University are up about a quarter this fall over last, said Kevin Grubb, who oversees the school’s career and professional development offices.

HBCUs: Right On Target


A large number of brands have announced campaigns in collaboration with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). These campaigns focus on an oft overlooked target market. While the sincerity of these campaigns is debatable, their value-proposition is not...Aronte Bennett is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Villanova University’s School of Business where she serves as the Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The Biggest Nuclear War Threats Since Cuban Missile Crisis


Villanova University Professor David M. Barrett, who co-authored Blind Over Cuba: The Photo Gap and the Missile Crisis, told Newsweek that Putin using "smaller A bombs" is "definitely imaginable," though he added nuclear attacks on the U.S. would be "suicide on Putin and Russia's part."

Uber Executive’s Conviction Puts Spotlight on Secrecy About Hacking


Michael Risch, the vice dean at Villanova University’s law school, said having lawyers involved is meant to protect a firm and can actually guide companies to follow regulations more closely than had they not consulted an attorney. The antidote to secrecy, he said, “is to make laws that require companies to disclose more. And then the attorneys would say, ‘You have to disclose.’”

Maps show how millions of people have moved into Hurricane Ian’s path

The Washington Post

“What if Hurricane Ian had occurred in 1950? How many people would be affected?” said Strader, a hazards geographer and professor at Villanova University. “Not nearly as many as now. Our built environment is expanding and growing.”

What Is the Electoral Count Act—and Why Did the House Vote to Reform It?

Reader's Digest

While this is not the first attempt at reforming the Electoral Count Act, the circumstances are different this time. “The main reason for the newfound attention from legislators is the aftermath of the 2020 election,” says Jim Ronan, PhD, a political science professor at Villanova University. “Once attention turned to recounts and audits following Election Day, many were surprised to learn just how little federal oversight is provided when it comes to the Electoral College.”

Seeing Through The Mud: Promoting Political Advertising Literacy


According to AdImpact, spending on political advertising during the 2022 midterm election cycle is estimated to be a record-breaking $9.7 billion. ... Charles R. "Ray" Taylor is the John A. Murphy Professor of Marketing at the Villanova School of Business and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights.

Five of the Worst ETF First-Year Performances are Crypto-Related

Financial Times

“Specialized ETFs are launched just after the very peak of excitement around popular investment themes. Over the years following the launch, the underlying assets shed some of their initial overvaluation, and so do the prices of specialized ETFs,” wrote Rabih Moussawi and colleagues in an academic paper initially released last year. “Specialized ETFs appear to cater to over-optimistic investors,” said Moussawi, associate professor of finance at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Credit Suisse Case Spotlights Who Can Lead Securities Lawsuits

Bloomberg Law

Still, Jimenez's lawyers said it's unprecedented for an unopposed motion to lead plaintiff to be rejected because the investor's financial interest in the litigation was small. How much a person lost shouldn't be given any weight "if no one else wants to do the job," Villanova University law professor Richard Booth said.

As Wildfires Grow, Millions of Homes Are Being Built in Harm's Way

The New York Times

"We have this sort of two-headed monster," said Stephen M. Strader, a disaster scientist at Villanova University, who was not involved in the research. "One side is a changing environment, and the atmosphere being altered by climate change."

The ugly side of Queen Elizabeth's legacy matters. Here's why.

The Washington Post

Seeing the late queen only as a benevolent force contributes to the whitewashing of the history of the British Empire...Elizabeth Kolsky is an associate professor of history at Villanova University.