Villanova in the Media

Media Highlights from June 2017

Dr. Stephen Strader
The Wall Street Journal reviewed a new book, “Implacable Foes,” co-written by Marc Gallicchio, Villanova University History Professor.

Villanova’s distinctive academic programs, world-class faculty, cutting-edge research and super-star students place the University in the national media spotlight. Below is a sampling of media highlights from June 2017:

Why artists become activists: It’s not only the election

Washington Post

“My approach to current events of things we don’t want to talk about is find a way to elevate it to something more heightened, using theatricality — write something that must happen in a theater. I find it opens people up, and primes them to have a productive dialogue,” says Ijames, who is also now teaching at Villanova University.

The Story with Martha McCallum

Fox News

This unbelievable story from the NFL tonight, a former football star, for the Washington Redskins, was ready to commit murder over his money manager … so here now with more we are very pleased to have with us tonight Andrew Brandt, former NFL and NBA player agent and former Vice President of the Green Bay Packers, he’s also Director for the Center of Sports Law at Villanova Law, Andrew, welcome.

What it takes to fix a toxic culture like Uber's – 06/21/2017

Katina Sawyer is assistant professor of psychology at Villanova University; Christian Thoroughgood is assistant professor of psychology and human resource development at Villanova University … In times of organizational crisis, some companies are able to right the ship, while others sink under the pressure. Recently, Uber has been under fire for a bad corporate culture, which promoted, among other things, sexism and other forms of toxic behavior.  

Digital Generals Are As Important As Military Generals (Because The US Is Losing the Digital War)

Forbes – 06/21/2017

There are some economic realities that are inescapable. The very structure of the US economy has shifted dramatically in just fifteen years. Look at the list of the most valuable companies then and now … Steve Andriole is the Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology in the Villanova School of Business at Villanova University where he teaches strategic technology, innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Jimmy Kimmel Lets Valedictorian Finish Speech After Being Cut Off at Graduation

People Magazine – 06/21/2017

Peter Butera, the Pennsylvania high school valedictorian who had his microphone cut off when his graduation speech turned critical of school administrators, finally got a chance to finish his thoughts. The 18-year-old, Villanova-bound student made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday via Skype.

Why Couldn’t the Cosby Jury Reach a Verdict? Legal Experts Assess

The New York Times – 06/19/2017

As the jury’s deliberations extended into this weekend, the possibility of a verdict in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial seemed to dim, though legal experts cautioned against drawing any conclusions … Michelle Madden Dempsey, Law professor at Villanova University: “The prosecution of Bill Cosby for the aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Constand was widely viewed as a ‘tough case’ — and no doubt the retrial will be tough as well — but as District Attorney Kevin Steele rightly observed in his comments following the mistrial, prosecutors ‘should take on the tough cases. It’s the right thing to do.’

Villanova gathering builds on Vatican’s event

Sports Business Journal – 06/19/2017

Eight months to the day the Vatican concluded its inaugural conference on Sport at the Service of Humanity, Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman stood in a new conference room at Villanova University and asked a simple question: “What can we do to bring out the best in our young people?” Ackerman was leading the first conference to build on the October event in Rome, which centered on six core principles — compassion, respect, love, enlightenment, balance and joy — to enhance the greater good through sports.

VML Is Asking Students in a Villanova Digital Marketing Class to Create a Strategy for Gatorade

Adweek – 06/16/2017

Last January, Kansas City-based VML partnered with the Missouri School of Journalism to create a social media course meant to help teach college students the ins and outs of handling social media for big brands. The agency hired Derrick Lin, a student from that class of 20, as an associate account manager in February, and he works there now on social campaigns for PepsiCo. Based on that success, the agency is now working with Villanova School of Business on a monthlong summer school class in digital marketing that’s open to both business students and students enrolled in the Villanova University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Are There Any Limitations For New Age Accountants in the Digital Age?

Bloomberg – 06/15/2017

Clint Eastwood’s character “Dirty Harry” Callahan, in the 1970’s-1980’s Dirty Harry film series, once famously uttered the line “a man has to know his limitations” … To help facilitate that transition, KPMG is developing a Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics Program at both The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business and Villanova School of Business.

Endgame in the Pacific

The Wall Street Journal – 06/13/2017

In April 1945, as German troops surrendered en masse to American forces wheeling through the Ruhr Valley, news from the western Pacific seemed equally hopeful: Landings on the island of Okinawa had been largely unopposed … This startling, nearly forgotten story is well documented in “Implacable Foes,” a valuable and revealing study by Waldo Heinrichs and Marc Gallicchio, historians at San Diego State and Villanova, respectively.

What Female Deans Want MBA Women In The Class of 2017 To Know

Poets & Quants – 06/12/2017

Joyce E. A. Russell, The Helen and William O’Toole Dean, Villanova School of Business: “To make a mark, you need to move things forward. To do this, people have to listen to you. In other words, you have to be able to influence them. How will you be able to do this? You need to have great leadership, influence and negotiation skills and the confidence to use them.”

Bill Cosby trial: What it's like to be on a sequestered jury

CNN – 06/08/2017

Amid tense cross-examination on Tuesday of Andrea Constand, the woman who testified that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her, Judge Steven O'Neill called for a pause to the questions and spoke quietly to a courtroom aide … Jurors in all trials are expected to avoid talking about the case with others and to avoid consuming media coverage of it. But in major high-profile cases with extensive media coverage, that can prove impossible, Villanova law professor Michelle Madden Dempsey said.

The Five Most Important Things To Do During Your Summer Internship

Fast Company – 06/08/2017

You scored a summer internship, but maybe it’s not as exciting as you’d hoped. Filing, data entry, and coffee runs may not seem like meaningful work, but it’s possible to turn the experience into something rewarding … There is a reason that the little things need to be done, even if they may seem tedious, says Kevin Grubb, executive director of the Villanova University Career Center.

Inside Stuff: Josh Hart – 06/05/2017

Please join me in recognizing the graduates who took Villanova to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in 2016 and to the Big East title in 2017, Joshua Aaron Hart, Communication.

Neptune's Rings Are Tragically Underrated

Gizmodo – 06/02/2017

Saturn’s rings are easy to love. They’re hauntingly beautiful reminders of how insignificant we are in the scope of the universe … But even before Voyager 2 arrived in the Neptunian system, astronomer and Villanova professor Dr. Edward Guinan had spotted unusual dimming patterns around the planet in 1968.