Villanova in the Media

Media Highlights from April 2017

Dr. Judith Giesberg
Villanova history professor Judy Giesberg's work was highlighted by CBS Evening News on April 18.

Villanova’s distinctive academic programs, world-class faculty, cutting-edge research and super-star students place the University in the national media spotlight. Below is a sampling of media highlights from April 2017:

Trump Plan Seen Turning 'Everyone and Their Dog' Into an LLC
Bloomberg News | 04/28/2017

Cue the rush among high-earning individuals to recast themselves as LLCs, sole proprietorships or other pass-throughs. “Absolutely!” said J. Richard Harvey, a tax law professor at Villanova University and a former senior official at both the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department. “If a taxpayer has a choice between paying at a 15 percent top rate versus a 35 percent rate, the taxpayer and their tax planners will be working feverishly to take advantage of the 15 percent rate.”

Philly Archbishop Opens Sainthood Quest for Paralyzed Priest
U.S. News & World Report | 04/27/2017 (Associated Press article picked up by numerous publications across the country)

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput (SHAP'-yoo) has formally begun the process to try to make the Catholic Church's first quadriplegic priest a saint … The Rev. Joseph Ryan, an assistant professor of history at Villanova University, and others will serve on the tribunal that will investigate Atkinson's life.

The Unintentional Trailblazer At Villanova's Business School
Poets & Quants for Undergrads | 04/25/2017

Joyce Russell, the first female dean at Villanova University’s business school, finds herself in the unique position of being an unintentional trailblazer. She was so excited at first about her new job that she didn’t reflect much on what it meant to the campus at large, she said. That all changed when she found herself frequently stopped in airports this year by female Villanova alums and students on campus.

Rural Texas Judge Runs Busiest Patent Court in U.S.
Bloomberg | 04/21/2017

Rodney Gilstrap has earned the title of busiest patent judge in the country. He has handled more than 4,000 patent infringement lawsuits since becoming a judge with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in 2011 … A study by Colleen V. Chien of Santa Clara University School of Law and Michael Risch of Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law showed that, if the Supreme Court agrees with TC Heartland’s position, patent complaints in the Eastern District would drop to about 15 percent of the total filed in the US.

As airlines try to monetize seat assignments, are disabled passengers being left behind?
The Washington Post | 04/20/2017

Flying with a disability is never easy, but in the past, airlines have lightened the burden a little by offering passengers such as Scott Nold advance seat assignments … Suzanne Smeltzer, director of the Center for Nursing Research at Villanova University’s College of Nursing and an expert on disabilities and health care, says that being required to pay extra for a preferred seat assignment may make travel too expensive for many people with disabilities.

O'Reilly's departure creates new challenges for Fox
Associated Press | 04/20/2017

With its biggest star departing in another blowup over sexual harassment, Fox News faces some big challenges. It now has to show that it can hang on to its loyal army of conservative viewers, improve its working culture, and still continue to make big bucks for its corporate parent … Otherwise, the network risked developing "a reputation as unfriendly to women, potentially turning off a lot of people," said Charles Taylor, a marketing professor at Villanova University.

Villanova's Jay Wright: How To Sustain Excellence
Forbes | 04/20/2017

Picture Jay Wright two Mondays ago: the dapper, dynamic head coach of Villanova’s men’s basketball team.  He’s a princely promoter of court-side cohesiveness, a magical motivator of young male athletes on-the-make (Dickie V, we all want to be you!) And, most recently, Wright is the freshly minted co-author of a brilliantly focused, compellingly uplifting tome titled Attitude: Develop a Winning Mindset On and Off the Court.

Why NASA is expanding its 'Veggie' space program
The Christian Science Monitor | 04/19/2017

Like any good parental figure, NASA is making sure its astronauts are eating their vegetables … Eventually, scientists hope astronauts will be able to use the unit to grow larger and more nutrient-dense plants. But ultimately, the goal of APH and other projects like it is simply to determine the viability of plant growth in environments other than Earth in preparation for Martian expeditions, says Edward Guinan, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Freed slaves' heartbreaking ads tell personal stories of slavery
CBS News | 04/18/2017

Margaret Jerrido is the archivist at Philadelphia’s Bethel AME church, where stored away in boxes are historical gems. They’re called Information Wanted ads. They were written by newly freed slaves looking for lost family members who were sold or ran away … Villanova University history professor Judy Giesberg came looking for them as part of a research project last August. “I think there are so few opportunities for us to hear enslaved people describe their lives,” Giesberg said. “Every one of these ads tells a life story.”

Villanova's Tanoh Kpassagnon making name for himself with NFL draft rise
USA TODAY | 04/17/2017

Intrigue grew from the moment Tanoh Kpassagnon took the stage shirtless during weigh-ins at the Senior Bowl in January, earning a slew of stars in scouts’ notebooks around the room … But when you play college football at Villanova – even as a first-team Football Championship Subdivision All-American pick last season, when Kpassagnon had 11 sacks – it’s only natural for teams to put in extra time and try to figure out how you’ll adjust when you’re not always the best athlete on the field.

New Spotted Gecko Found in Tiger Reserve
National Geographic Magazine | 04/14/2017

In central India's Satpura Tiger Reserve, scientists have found a much tinier predator: A new species of gecko … “Catching geckos can be a challenge because they are great escape artists, easily disappearing into thin cracks or other inaccessible places in the dark,” Aaron Bauer, a biologist at Villanova University in Pennsylvania who was not involved in the study, says by email.

Church revival? More liberals are filling Protestant pews.
The Christian Science Monitor | 04/14/2017

A year ago, Tammy Rose never imagined she’d be active again in church, holding a palm branch with a community of Christians marking the beginning of Holy Week … “The social gospel has found its biggest moment of relevance since the Reagan years,” says Brett Grainger, professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University near Philadelphia. “The energy is feeding directly off the current administration's proposed budget cuts, which target the most vulnerable members of society, and its policies on immigration, which rub against the belief that ‘love of the stranger’ is central to Christian teaching.”

Mediterranean Morte: African migrants, refugees risk death for a life in legal limbo
The Huffington Post | 04/13/2017

Earlier this week the UN’s Migration Agency, International Organization for Migration (IOM), reported that 31,993 migrants and refugees have entered Europe this year, by sea, through the first week of April. More than 80 percent of those migrants and refugees arrived in Italy … More than half a million made it to Italy between late 2013 and the end of last year. LIMBO, a Villanova University student-produced documentary provides riveting insight to the lives of a few African migrants and refugees being detained by the Italian government after having braved and survived crossing the sea.

How the NFL Gets Covered and Consumed
Sports | 04/18/2017

I’m writing this week while recovering from arthroscopic shoulder surgery. I needed to have my rotator cuff re-accommodated, but don’t think about putting me on the IR list … In one of my lives outside of The MMQB, I am the executive director of the Jeffrey S. Moorad Center for Sports Law at Villanova’s law school. There, I recently hosted our annual Moorad Symposium, an event that explores some of the leading issues in sports.

How the Grassroots Movement Is Breeding a New Generation of Democrats
TIME | 04/13/2017

Jon Ossoff doesn't want to talk about Donald Trump, the Democratic Party or The National Turmoil that has lifted the 30-year-old candidate to the top of the polls in the upcoming special election in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District … "If we want to see change, the best way we can make it is to run for office," says Heather Ward, a 21-year-old senior at Villanova University who is running for a school board seat near Philadelphia. "Making phone calls to Representatives is great. But it's the people in those offices who make the decisions."

Can Different Forms of Fasting Make You Healthier?
The Wall Street Journal | 04/11/2017

When most people hear the word “fasting,” they immediately think of going without food for a period of days. To get a sense of what role different approaches to fasting can play in weight loss and general health, The Wall Street Journal reached out to three experts … Libby Mills, a registered dietitian with the Villanova College of Nursing’s MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education, and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, who advocates a healthy approach to reducing caloric intake in combination with increased calorie expenditure for weight loss.

Supreme Court's Decision About Printer Cartridges Could Have Big Consequences
NPR/National Public Radio | 04/10/2017

There's a case before the U.S. Supreme Court right now that centers around a lowly office supply product - the printer cartridge. It could have wide-reaching implications though for a whole host of consumer goods from electronics to cars to medicines. Noel King from our Planet Money podcast has the story … Michael Risch is a law professor at Villanova Law School who signed an amicus brief in support of Lexmark.

Weather Geeks
The Weather Channel | 04/09/2017

This week’s Geek of the Week is Dr. Stephen Strader, assistant professor of geography and meteorology at Villanova. Stephen’s favorite type of weather is low precipitation super cells at dusk on the plains. It’s no wonder he’s got a cat named Stormy. And when he’s not taking photographs of the plains or in the classroom, you might find him boxing or hiking.

Guam Catholic Church sees a "perfect storm" of controversy
Associated Press | 04/03/2017

The Catholic Church on the Pacific island of Guam has been devastated by allegations that its longtime archbishop sexually abused altar boys. But even before the scandal broke, Guam's church was divided over another issue — the presence of a controversial European lay movement that became so toxic that a community of nuns fled to the mainland U.S. in despair … Pope Francis has praised the Way's missionary spirit, but he has insisted they pursue "humble and obedient unity" with local churches, said Massimo Faggioli, a Villanova University professor of historical theology.

Video Games Aren't Addictive
The New York Times | 04/03/2017

Is video game addiction a real thing? It’s certainly common to hear parents complain that their children are “addicted” to video games. Some researchers even claim that these games are comparable to illegal drugs in terms of their influence on the brain — that they are “digital heroin” (the neuroscientist Peter C. Whybrow) or “digital pharmakeia” (the neuroscientist Andrew Doan) … Christopher J. Ferguson, a professor of psychology at Stetson University, and Patrick Markey, a professor of psychology at Villanova, are the authors of “Moral Combat: Why the War on Video Games Is Wrong.”

How to Find Your Missing Keys and Stop Losing Other Things
The New York Times | 04/03/2017

You were sure you left the keys right there on the counter, and now they are nowhere to be found. Where could they be? … Irene Kan, a professor of psychology at Villanova University who specializes in memory and cognition, said in an email that the key to finding misplaced items is forming a mental image of what you were doing or feeling when you last saw the missing item.