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PGA Tour Tees Off in Countersuit Against LIV Golf Tour

AT&T Pebble Beach Weekend

Photo Source: Steven L. Shepard, AT&T Pebble Beach Weekend, FLICKR (Feb. 11, 2017) (Public Domain Mark 1.0)

By: Anna D’Eramo*                                                                              Posted: 11/04/2022


In June 2022, LIV Golf Tour hosted its inaugural event in London.[1]  The tournament attracted some of golf’s biggest names, drawing in a captivated audience.[2]  As the players teed off, so did a legal battle between LIV Golf Tour and the PGA Tour that put players right in the middle.[3]  


What is LIV Golf Tour?

            LIV Golf Tour was formed as an alternative to the PGA Tour, offering a different golf experience to both players and spectators.[4]  The Invitational Series holds eight events over five months across the globe.[5]  LIV Golf Tour is formatted differently from the PGA Tour.[6]  However, the prize money is the biggest and most controversial draw.[7]  Whereas the PGA Tour's funding comes significantly from media deals, the Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund finances the LIV Golf Tour.[8]  Many view LIV Golf as yet another "sportwashing" tactic the country employs to smooth over its global image.[9]

            Despite the controversial background, LIV Golf convinced over forty players to join the 2022 season.[10]  In an effort to combat LIV’s popularity, the PGA Tour initially threatened suspensions or fines for those who competed in LIV Golf events.[11]  After the first LIV Golf tournament, the PGA Tour reaffirmed its position and banned players from PGA Tour events.[12]     


Justice Department and LIV Golf Begin Legal Actions Against PGA Tour

In July, the Justice Department opened an investigation on whether the PGA Tour’s actions toward players were anti-competitive, particularly focusing on the warnings sent to those interested in joining LIV Golf and suspensions against players who left the PGA Tour.[13]  In addition, the Justice Department is concerned about the PGA Tour’s potential conspiring not to award Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) points to LIV players.[14]  Without OGWR points, LIV golfers will lose out on opportunities solely due to involvement in LIV Golf.[15]

In August, LIV Golf Tour and its players – recently suspended PGA Tour members – filed an antitrust suit against the PGA Tour.[16]  The players contested their suspensions from the PGA Tour and viewed it as a way to shut down any sign of competition at the first opportunity.[17]  LIV Golf argued that the PGA Tour is monopolizing the golf market, and players argued that the PGA Tour is “trying to hurt their careers.”[18]  Three players, in particular, sought a temporary restraining order to play in a PGA Tour event.[19]  The lawsuit highlights the PGA Tour’s coordination with the European tour and major championships to limit players’ opportunities.[20]           

            LIV Golf suffered an early loss in the lawsuit, with an initial hearing handed to the PGA Tour, but it has moved to the discovery phase.[21] Most players have since backed out of the suit, believing LIV’s involvement will carry the suit's merits.[22]  Despite players backing out and the initial hearing decided for the PGA Tour, LIV Golf remains confident in its case against the PGA Tour.[23]


PGA Countersues LIV Golf

            On September 28, the PGA Tour added another layer to the legal drama when they countersued LIV Golf.[24]  The counterclaim alleges “tortious interference” in PGA Tour contracts and efforts to have players breach those contracts.[25]  According to the PGA Tour, LIV Golf takes advantage of its large salaries to induce players to breach their PGA Tour contracts and attempts to undermine the legitimacy of those contracts.[26]  They argue that LIV aimed to create an environment where players could benefit from involvement in both tours.[27]  The PGA Tour asked for a jury trial, while LIV Golf maintains the countersuit is a way for the PGA to “divert attention from their anti-competitive conduct.”[28]        

            The golf world is dividing with every new legal action, and leaders at the top are publicly adding fuel to the fire.[29]  In a recent interview, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said he sees no path forward where the PGA Tour and LIV Golf Tour can coexist.[30]  Monahan believes only one organization can ultimately reign supreme in the battle for top golf organization, and that organization will be the PGA Tour.[31]  Despite Monahan’s confidence, LIV Golf has caught the eye of golf fans, and, for now, it seems here to stay.[32]


*Staff Writer, Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal, J.D. Candidate, May 2024, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law


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