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Not Par For the Course: Muirfield Retains All-Male Membership and Loses Status as British Open Host

Muirfield Golf Course
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*Emily Schrank

“We don’t see the Open championship being used for social engineering. We don’t see that as valid.”[1]


Since its invention, the game of golf has earned a reputation as a notoriously male-dominated sport.[2]  The issue of gender discrimination in the golf world still looms large today, as evidenced in the United Kingdom by Muirfield Golf Club’s vote to retain all-male membership and The Royal and Ancient’s (R&A) subsequent removal of the Scottish course from the British Open host rotation.[3]

The Governing Law

The United Kingdom’s Equality Act 2010 exempts private clubs that restrict membership according to sex from the country’s anti-discrimination laws.[4]  Under the Equality Act 2010, “it is not unlawful for a club that restricts membership to people who share a particular protected characteristic to only admit guests who also share that protected characteristic.”[5]  As a private club that restricts its membership according to sex, Muirfield falls within this exception.[6]  Therefore, Muirfield’s all-male membership policy is lawful under the United Kingdom’s Equality Act 2010.

As a private institution, Muirfield not only as the right to ban female members, but also has the right to ban female visitors.[7]  The Equality Act 2010 allows “a private club that restricts membership to people with a particular protected characteristic [to] also place similar restrictions on access by associates and guests.”[8]  However, Muirfield allows women to play as visitors at the course and to enter the clubhouse, so it is not availing itself of all of the sex-based restrictions that the Equality Act allows.[9]

Consequently, any legal challenges to the club’s membership policy would likely fail because the policy is in compliance with the governing law.[10]  For this reason, the R&A’s decision to remove Muirfield as a British Open host is fundamentally unfair.[11]

A Flawed Regulatory System

This decision also highlights a flaw in the R&A’s regulatory system, as its rules and regulations do not explicitly condemn or prohibit male-only clubs from hosting competitions.[12]  As the governing body for golf outside of the United States and Mexico, the R&A’s rules and regulations for the sport reign supreme throughout the world.[13]  However, attempts to combat gender discrimination in golf are nowhere to be found in the R&A’s official rules or guidelines for competition.[14]

The R&A’s decision to remove Muirfield as British Open host is also unfair because it came without warning, and it allowed other clubs on the rotation to see firsthand how a decision to retain all-male membership would be met by the R&A.[15]  The Royal Troon Golf Club, which hosted the 2016 British Open in July, voted to allow female members during that same month.[16]  Prior to Muirfield’s loss of status as British Open host, the Royal Troon vote was not planned until the “back end” of 2016.[17]  This vote to admit women at Royal Troon was “expected, with the prestige and economic benefits of hosting the Open at stake.”[18]

Inconsistent Application of the R&A’s “Policy”

Finally, the inconsistent application of the R&A’s new “policy” further demonstrates the unfairness of the R&A’s decision regarding Muirfield.[19]  Portmarnock Golf Club still maintains a male-only membership policy, but was selected to host the 2019 British Amateur Championship by the R&A.[20] The selection of Portmarnock came after Muirfield lost its status as British Open host for failing to admit women as members.[21]  If the R&A was truly committed to gender equality in the sport, it would have a firm policy in place and consistently apply that policy “across the board.”[22]


Even if Muirfield were to change its policy, it is unclear if, or when, it would return to the British Open course rotation.[23]  When the R&A’s decision was announced, R&A chief executive, Martin Slumbers, said the club would be reconsidered as a British Open venue if it changed its membership policy.[24] While the R&A’s decision certainly has its flaws, overall, it “promotes golf as being a sport for life which can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of ability.”[25]  And, as a result, the British Open has officially been used for “social engineering.”[26]  Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether the R&A’s attempt to manage and regulate social change in the golf world will be successful.

* Staff Writer, Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal, J.D. Candidate, May 2018, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law

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