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Sick Leave

Summary of Sick Leave:

To assist full-time faculty and staff with their financial needs experienced when non-work related illness or injury necessitates their absence from work, the University provides to eligible faculty/staff paid sick leave

The University expects faculty/staff to maintain a satisfactory attendance record.  The financial protections reflected in this policy are provided only when a faculty/staff member needs them for their own illness or injury and for approved emergency needs, and not for any other purpose.  Faculty/staff absences place departments at a disadvantage in carrying out their missions.  In short, when salary continuation is requested, the requesting employee should be ill or injured to such a degree that he/she cannot carry out his/her duties on the day(s) of absence or facing an emergency situation (as described below) that cannot be handled except by his/her absence from the job.

Eligibility for Sick Leave Benefits:

All full-time faculty and full and part-time staff are eligible to receive sick leave benefits.

Description of Sick Leave Benefits:

Full-Time Staff:

The University provides sick leave for absences caused by personal illness or injury which may last from one (1) to ten (10) days.

Full-time/12 –month staff accrue twelve (12) days of paid sick leave on January 1st each year.  Full-time staff on a less than 12-month work schedule are credited one paid sick day for each full month they are expected to work for the year.  Unused sick leave can be carried over from year to year; however, no payment for unused sick leave is made at any time.  Staff employees will be credited one sick day per month, beginning the first of the month following their hire date, for each full month they are expected to work for the remainder of the year.

Part-Time Staff:

Upon hire, PT employees are entitled to 20 hrs sick/year. Paid sick leave not taken during the calendar year does not roll over and no payment is made for unused sick leave at any time.


Full-time faculty members accrue thirty (30) days of sick leave after the completion of each full year of service for a maximum of ninety (90) days of sick leave.  Part-time faculty members are not eligible for sick leave.


Up to four (4) of the twelve (12) days of paid sick leave may be used in any calendar year for emergencies needing the attention of the faculty/staff member, which are defined as the following: the unexpected care of ill family members; or to accompany an ill family member to a doctor appointment or medical procedure; accident or crisis involving the home; or similar unforeseen emergency situations (one day per occurrence).  For the purposes of this policy, family members are defined as your spouse, child or parent.

Within the four day maximum allowance, up to one (1) day per calendar year may also be used to attend the funeral or memorial service of a friend or of a relative not covered under the bereavement leave policy.  

These four (4) days are not intended as personal days.  The use of any of the four days of paid sick leave for emergency reasons is intended so faculty/staff can manage unexpected, short-term, pressing matters.  These days are not to be used as vacation time or for other personal business, recreation, holiday celebrations, or similar non-emergency events.  The University may require appropriate documentation as needed.  Only one day may be used per emergency occurrence.

Sick Leave is available for one (1) day up to a maximum of ten (10) days.  Once you reach your eleventh (11th) day of sick time, the leave becomes a part of the Short Term Disability Policy (STD)

Where absences are frequent, especially as to short-term absences of a day or two, they may be more strictly reviewed as to the need for the absence.  Frequent absences, including unscheduled days that reach a level where they become excessive may subject the employee to disciplinary action.  Where it is determined that an inappropriate frequency and/or pattern of absences has occurred, the employee may also be required to submit medical documentation to qualify for the use of sick leave.

Impact on Salary and Benefits While on Sick Leave:

While on Sick Leave, all benefits and salary will continue as if the faculty/staff member were actively at work.  All payroll deductions and direct deposits continue as they would normally.  If you have exhausted all of your accrued sick leave and available vacation according to policy, you will be unpaid and billed for the medical, dental and life insurance deductions that were incurred during any unpaid periods.

How to Apply for Sick Leave Salary Continuation Benefits:

Salary continuation for sick leave is automatic, so long as the faculty/staff member returns to work within ten (10) business days and sick days are available However, all faculty/staff members must continue to use the designated call-out procedures of his/her department in order to be paid for the first ten (10) consecutive work days.

Medical documentation is required for the use of paid sick leave of more than three (3) consecutive work days.  If an absence does, or is expected to, exceed ten (10) consecutive work days, then the employee must also notify Liberty Mutual, the University’s external disability administrator, by calling 1-888-673-9940.  A faculty/staff member absent for ten (10) or more consecutive work days is required, upon return, to present to Human Resources clearance from their healthcare provider to return to work.

When a staff member has exhausted all accrued sick leave, available vacation credits will be applied for absences due to personal illness or injury.  At least half of available vacation days must be used before a staff member will be unpaid. Should paid sick leave and vacation days be insufficient, the department and the Human Resources office will process the appropriate salary reduction.  There is no provision for faculty/staff that have exhausted sick leave and/or vacation days to receive either benefit in anticipation of later accumulation.

*Note the University has the final authority as to the future eligibility of the faculty/staff member for Sick Leave benefits.