Areas of Practice

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Areas of Practice by Attorney

The General Counsel is responsible for all legal matters affecting Villanova University. Below are many of the categories of responsibility with their corresponding attorney name(s). These listings are for reference only.  The attorney listed first for an area is ordinarily the primary contact, however, you should feel free to contact any attorney in the Office of the General Counsel for assistance with your legal questions.  If another attorney is better able to answer your question or help you, the attorney you contact will refer you to that attorney.

Please click on the attorney's name to contact them via email:



Academic Affairs Michael Zubey
ADA Issues
Michael Zubey
Affirmative Action and Discrimination Michael Zubey
Athletics - Contracts
Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Athletics - Gender Equity
Michael Zubey
Athletics - NCAA Violations
Michael Zubey
Athletics - Other
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Audit Letter Michael Zubey

Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett

Criminal Matters Michael Zubey
Crisis Communication Michael Zubey
Tracey Pachman
Catholic Mission Michael Zubey
Concerts Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Conference Services Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Controller Michael Zubey
Tracey Pachman
Contracts Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Copyright Tracey Pachman
Mark Hewlett
Corporate Sponsorship & Tax Issues Michael Zubey
Counseling Center Michael Zubey
Distance Education
Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Employee Benefits Michael Zubey
Employment Issues Michael Zubey
Enrollment Management Michael Zubey
Environmental Issues Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Facilities - Contracts, Mechanics' Liens
Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Facilities - Employment/Labor
Michael Zubey
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Harassment Complaints Michael Zubey
HEA Compliance Tracey Pachman
Mark Hewlett
Health Center Michael Zubey
HIPAA Michael Zubey
Human Resources Michael Zubey
The Inn at Villanova University Tracey Pachman
Mark Hewlett
International Studies Program   Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Library Tracey Pachman
Mark Hewlett
Litigation Management Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Marketing Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Office of the President Michael Zubey
OPIR Michael Zubey
Procurement Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Public Safety (Clery)
Michael Zubey
Public Safety (Other) Michael Zubey
Radio Station (WXVU) Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Real Estate Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Record Retention
Tracey Pachman
Mark Hewlett
Registrar Michael Zubey
Research and Sponsored Projects Michael Zubey
Tracey Pachman
Risk Management Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Student Discipline
Michael Zubey
Student Groups Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Subpoenas/Requests for Information Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
Summer Camps Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Theater Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Michael Zubey
Union Issues Michael Zubey
UNIT Tracey Pachman
Michael Zubey
Mark Hewlett
University Advancement Michael Zubey
Tracey Pachman
University Council Michael Zubey






  • Academic Affairs
  • Accessibility for the Disabled
  • Affirmative Action and Discrimination
  • Athletics
  • Audit Letter
  • Bursar
  • Business Contracts
  • Crisis Communication
  • Catholic Mission
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Nursing
  • Concerts
  • Conference Center
  • Conference Services
  • Connelly Center
  • Continuing Studies
  • Controller
  • Contracts
  • Copyright
  • Corporate Sponsorship & Tax Issues
  • Counseling Center


  • Employment Issues
  • Enrollment Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • Facilities
  • Harassment Complaints
  • Health Center
  • Human Resources
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Studies Program
  • Library
  • Litigation Management
  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • NCAA Violations
  • Office of Learning Support Services
  • Office of the President
  • OPIR


  • Procurement
  • Public Safety
  • Publications
  • Radio Station (WXVU)
  • Real Estate
  • Registrar
  • Research and Sponsored Projects
  • Risk Management
  • School of Business
  • School of Law
  • Student Groups
  • Subpoenas/Requests for Information
  • Summer Camps
  • Trustees
  • Union Issues
  • UNIT
  • University Advancement
  • University Governance
  • University Senate
  • University Shop

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