University Events

Throughout this site you will find information about planning and conducting events on campus. The Event Planning link will lead you through step-by-step in coordinating events, knowing about safety and risk management, and requesting an event.

All events being held on campus must submit an event request form. Events are defined as gatherings or competitions with multiple people in attendance. 

Event Management for COVID-19 Planning for Fall 2020


Since many meeting spaces will be used as classrooms, campus events will be significantly reduced to those essential for academic, athletic or student service purposes. Faculty, staff, and students should plan events and meetings as virtual gatherings to eliminate the need for in-person gatherings. All campus events, both virtual and in person, must be submitted to the University Calendar.  

The Event Management Committee (EMC) will centrally review all requests for events and is entrusted with approving only those that can be held safely and without infringing on the need for academic space. Faculty and staff should submit all event requests for publication on the University Calendar via the Event Management website. Student leaders should refer to the policies communicated from the Office of Student Involvement.  

Alumni Association Related Events

Due to the current and evolving state and county specific restrictions nationwide related to in-person gatherings, all University-sponsored events held off campus, including Regional Club events, are canceled through at least October 1. Villanova University will continue to assess the feasibility of these types of in-person events, and will update the website as the situation evolves.

Virtual events are permitted, if submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of the proposed Event Date.


The EMC will communicate safety guidelines with all event planners for both virtual and in-person gatherings.

Event Management Committee

The Event Management Committee (EMC) reviews events in the Campus Calendar.

The EMC is made up of representatives from various offices throughout the University including the President’s Office, Public Safety, Connelly Center, the Mullen Center for Performing Arts, Athletics, Facilities Management, Charles Widger School of Law, Student Life, and UNIT. 


The EMC at Villanova University provides guidance and policies for students, faculty, and staff to put on successful and safe events. The EMC review on-campus event proposals and provides advice regarding event facilitation in light of university policies as well as city ordinances and/or state statutes.

Contact Information

The Event Management Committee can be reached via email at