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Director: Dr. Sridhar Santhanam

Dr. Santhanam received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Chennai in 1984, a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1986, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1989. Since 1989, he has been on the faculty in the Mechanical Engineering department at Villanova University.

His research interests have included:

  • Fracture of cutting tools
  • Modeling of damage in fiber reinforced composite laminates
  • Interface fracture in laminated materials
  • Characterization of nano-structured ceramics
  • Constitutive modeling of metals and active materials
  • Designing and developing blast resistant structures
  • Structural health monitoring

Dr. Santhanam has been the recipient of grants and contracts from ONR, NSF, and NASA. 

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Current PhD students

  • Kamran Makarian           
  • Kranthi Peddeti
  • Mark Jahanbin
  • Gary Tiscia          

LaMMP Director

Dr. Sridhar Santhanam

Dr. Sridhar Santhanam
Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
(610) 519-4996