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Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory Research

Assessing effectiveness of Solid-Liquid-Gas (SLG) technology on reducing pathogen content of biosolids:

Sponsor: Orege North America

Funding: $35,000

The objective of this study is to assess the overall impact of Orege’s proprietary Solid-Liquid-Gas (SLG) technology on biosolids management, specifically, its effectiveness in reducing pathogen content of biosolids. Dr. Duran and his students are collaborating with Orege North America, Inc. and Gloucester County Utilities Authority, New Jersey, to carry out the research.

Development of an anammox-biochar system for one step, sustainable, and cost effective nitrogen removal and nutrient recovery from wastewater

Sponsor: Renmatix, Inc.

Funding: $101,153          

The goal of this project is to lay the scientific and engineering groundwork for a transformative process that would simultaneously:

  • Increase wastewater treatment effectiveness and reduce energy inputs
  • Re-capture valuable phosphorus
  • Produce a value added by-product (spent biochar), which could be used in agriculture to increase crop yields while reducing chemical fertilizer application

The outcome of the research will be a sustainable and cost effective hybrid bioreactor that couples anammox bacteria and biochar to perform one-step, complete nitrogen (N) removal and phosphorus (P) recovery from municipal wastewaters.


Dr. Metin Duran

Dr. Metin Duran
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: 610-519-4963