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Recent Publications

For the most current list of Dr. Metin Duran’s publications, visit Google Scholars.

Xu, W. and Duran, M. 2018. “Removal of hazardous pollutants in full-scale wastewater treatment plants” in Hazardous Pollutants in Biological Treatment Systems. Cecen, F. and Tezel, U. (Eds). IWA Publishing, London, UK. pp. 239-257.              

Guo, L., Ding, K. Rockne, K. Duran, M., and Chaplin, B.P. 2016. “Bacterial inactivation at a sub-stoichiometric titanium dioxide reactive electrochemical membrane,” Journal of Hazardous Materials, 319:137-146.

Rabah, J., Mansaray, A., Wynne, R., and Duran, M. 2016. “Human immunoglobulin Class G (IgG) antibody detection with photonic crystal fiber,” Journal of Lightwave Technology, 34(4):1398-1404.

Alanya, S., Dewulf, J., and Duran, M. 2015. “Comparison of overall resource consumption of biosolids management system processes using exergetic life cycle assessment,” Environmental Science and Technology, 49:9996-10006

Yilmazel, Y.D., Johnston, D. and Duran, M. 2015. “Hyperthermophilic hydrogen production from wastewater biosolids by Caldicellulosiruptor bescii,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40(36): 12177-12186


Dr. Metin Duran

Dr. Metin Duran
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: 610-519-4963