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Publications and Patents


Izzetoglu M, Du J, Dor BB, inventors; Drexel University, assignee. Non-invasive brain water monitoring device for cerebral edema and cerebral autoregulation monitoring system and method. United States patent US 10,499,838. 2019 Dec 10.

Izzetoglu K., Izzetoglu M. "Functional near-infrared spectroscopy as a monitor for depth of anesthesia." U.S. Patent 9,955,901, issued May 1, 2018

Severino L., Tecce DeCarlo M.J., Izzetoglu M., Peluso A., Miller S., Otti O. "System and Method for Evaluating Reading Comprehension." U.S. Patent Application 14/884,802, filed April 21, 2016, Pending.

Izzetoglu, K., Pourrezaei K., Onaral B., Horrow C.J., Izzetoglu M., Bunce S.C. "Functional near-infrared spectroscopy as a monitor for depth of anesthesia." U.S. Patent 8,798,701, issued August 5, 2014.

Scott B.C., Devaraj A., Izzetoglu M.A., Onaral B., Izzetoglu K., Pourrezaei K. "Deception detection and query methodology for determining deception via neuroimaging." U.S. Patent 8,346,331, issued January 1, 2013.

Journal Publications:

Izzetoglu M, Shewokis P, Tsai K, Dantoin P, Sparango K, Min K. Short-Term Effects of Meditation on Sustained Attention as Measured by fNIRS. Brain Sciences. 2020 August 25.

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Books and Book Chapters:

  1. H. Ayaz, M. Izzetoglu, H. Izzetoglu, B. Onaral, “Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Neuroergonomics,” Neuroergonomics, The Brain at Work and in Everyday Life, 1st Edition, Editors: Hasan Ayaz, Frederic Dehais, 2018
  2. M. Izzetoglu, "Functional Optical Brain Imaging " Biomedical Engineering Handbook, 4th Edition, Editor in Chief: Joseph D. Bronzino,

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