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Current Research

  • Computationally efficient fluid dynamic and heat transfer algorithm development for compressible and incompressible vapor space problems in heat pipes
  • Use of three-dimensional biomimetic structures to produce ultrahigh heat flux for thermal management
  • Work supporting the NSF I/UCRC-sponsored Center for Energy Smart Electronic Systems
    • A Model for Droplet Impingement on a Heated Flat Plate Based on First Principals with Experimental Validation
    • Transient, Two phase Flow and Heat Transfer for a Cross-flow Heat Exchanger with Application to Data Center Cooling
    • Extension of Transient, Two phase Flow and Heat Transfer for a Cross-flow Heat Exchanger to Two Phase Cold Plates for On-Chip Cooling
  • Experiments, Modeling and Scalability Assessment for an Agrivoltaic (Combined Solar PV and Agriculture) Test Bed
  • Pressure Drop Characterization for Flow in Multi-configured Breathing Tubes and Narrow-components of Breathing and Ventilation Passageways


  • Los Alamos National Laboratory, "NEAMS Sockeye Support: Computationally Efficient Fluid Dynamic and Heat Transfer Algorithms for Compressible and Incompressible Vapor Space Problems in Heat Pipes,"' 2022, $50,000
  • National Science Foundation, with C. Li, “GOALI: Three-dimensional Biomimetic Structures for Perpendicular and Lateral Liquid Supplies to Enable Ultrahigh Heat Flux in Boiling Heat Transfer and Thermal Management Systems,” 2022, $400,000
  • National Science Foundation, with C. Li, “Constructal Theory after 20 Years of Exploration and what the Future Holds,” 2017, $49,900


  • Franklin Institute, Philadelphia PA on “Education Initiative on Constructal Theory"
  • Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
  • Materials Research & Design, Wayne, PA
  • Vertiv, Advanced Thermal Systems, Columbus, OH
Dr. Jerry Jones

Dr. G. F. “Jerry” Jones
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

(610) 519-4985

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