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Dr. Moeness Amin Awarded Research Contract from Defence Research and Development–Canada

Dr. Moeness Amin, Director of the Center for Advanced Communications (CAC) and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has secured a one-year $86,000 contract from Defence Research and Development–Canada, Department of National Defence, for radar imaging research.

Specifically, in his second contract from this organization, he will investigate the development of through-wall synthetic aperture radar processing algorithms.

Dr. Amin, an internationally renowned expert on traditional and emerging signal processing techniques, attributes this most recent award to two factors. “The CAC has an impressive track record in the broad area of radar signal processing research,” he says. “We have also developed an important technical relationship with Defence Research and Development–Canada through our involvement with the NATO Task Force on Sensing Through Walls, to which I have represented the CAC and Villanova for approximately seven years.”

Dr. Amin last worked with Defence Research and Development–Canada nearly 10 years ago on a smaller research project on Micro-Doppler Representation of Complex Target Motions (the work was with a different research group, but still within the same organization).


Moeness Amin
Dr. Moeness Amin, Director of the College of Engineering’s Center for Advanced Communications (CAC) Photos taken by Aurora Imaging Co.