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Dr. Moeness Amin Published as Editor of New Book, Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging

Dr. Moeness Amin, Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced Communications (CAC), is the editor of the newly-published book Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging, which provides a comprehensive look at this technology from the algorithmic, modeling, experimentation, and system design perspectives. This is the first published book in this area.

“Through-the-wall radar imaging is a potentially life-saving technology that allows police, fire, and rescue personnel; first responders; and defense forces to detect, identify, classify, and track the whereabouts of humans and moving objects,” says Dr. Amin, a world-renowned expert in this type of radar imaging, who was selected by the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) to give a Plenary Talk on this subject at its annual international conference in March.

“However, there are many factors determining a successful system , including size, weight, mobility, acquisition time, aperture distribution, power, bandwidth, standoff distance, reliable performance, and delivery of accurate information,” he continues. As editor, Dr. Amin chose the topics of the various book chapters and invited contributions from the best through-the-wall radar imaging experts and scholars from around the world, who provided real solutions to real problems.

Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging offers a deep understanding of the challenges of this technology from a multidisciplinary standpoint. It begins with an examination of the electromagnetic properties of walls and building materials and discusses techniques in the design of antenna elements and array configurations, beamforming concepts and issues, and the use of antenna array with collocated and distributed apertures. Other topics include:

  • Wall attenuation and dispersion effects in a view of angles of incidence and antenna polarization
  • Wideband, low-profile, and printed antennas, as well as planar/conformal ultra-wideband antennas
  • PSF characteristics that result from the use of ultra-wideband waveforms
  • Design of emerging waveforms to optimize target detection
  • EM wave propagation through walls


Through the Wall - Radar Imaging