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Dr. Moeness Amin and NATO Task Force Receive Scientific Achievement Award for Through-Wall Sensing

Dr. Moeness Amin, Director of the Center for Advanced Communications, joined fellow members of the NATO Task Force on Sensing Through Wall to receive the prestigious NATO Research and Technology Organization (RTO) 2010 Scientific Achievement Award. The award recognition took place at the beginning of the three-day NATO meeting held in Paris, France in May.

Dr. Moeness Amin and NATO Task Force
Dr. Moeness Amin and NATO Task Force Receive Prestigious Award for Through-Wall Sensing

“I was very pleased to represent, for the sixth time, Villanova University and the College of Engineering as the only academic member of this Task Force,” says Dr. Amin, “and that the CAC’s leadership and expertise in the area of through-wall radar imaging could be a valuable resource in this important area in research and development with myriad applications in both civilian and defense sectors.”

Comprised of representatives from the U.S., Sweden, Italy, Canada, Norway, France, and Turkey, the Task Force on Sensing Through Wall was recognized for the results of its collaborative “Sensing Through the Wall Technologies Final Technical Report” for excellence and originality in scientific and technical contents, as well as outstanding results in terms of military benefit.

The Task Force was convened in support of the RTO’s mission to conduct cooperative scientific research and to facilitate the exchange of technical information among 28 NATO nations and 38 NATO partners. The largest collaborative body of its kind, the RTO encompasses more than 3,000 scientists and engineers challenged with addressing the complete scope of defense technologies and operational domains.