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Center for Advanced Communications signs MOU with Wesley Enhanced Living

Dr. Moeness Amin, CAC Director, in the Radar Imaging Lab.
Dr. Moeness Amin, CAC Director, in the Radar Imaging Lab.

The Center for Advanced Communications (CAC) and Wesley Enhanced Living, a non-profit organization serving the aging population based in Hatboro, Pa., signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in October 2014. The collaboration will benefit assisted living communities by improving radar data monitoring of the elderly in private residences. CAC Director Dr. Moeness Amin has developed and continues to advance radar technology and signal processing capability that can detect, classify and localize a senior citizen’s fall, as well as determine abnormal gait behavior.

With a number of senior residences and rehabilitation centers, Wesley expressed an interest in the CAC’s radar technology as a means of enhancing the services offered to its residents. The organization will provide the CAC with access to its facilities for the purpose of collecting real data, which will assist researchers in validating newly developed algorithms and techniques. The focus is on high detection probability of elderly falls, with minimal false alarm rates. Another objective of the research is improved classification of micro and macro human motions, which serve as markers and barometers of health status. In working together to monitor elderly individuals, the CAC and Wesley Enhanced Living see greater potential for timely interventions and more effective treatments.

To learn more about use of radar imaging for monitoring the elderly who live alone, refer to this video on the CAC website.