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Dr. Calvin Li Named Guest Editor for Industry Journal

Dr. Calvin Li, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, serves as a guest editor for the January 2013 issue of the Journal of Nanofluids.  This special issue aims at topics related to carbon nano material suspensions, emphasizing cutting edge frontiers in carbon nanotube and metal oxide nanoparticle nanofluid applications. As director of the Nanoscale Interface and Phase-Change Transport Laboratory (NovaNano) in Villanova’s College of Engineering, Dr. Li is a recognized expert in this area of research. 

Carbon nano materials are attracting significant interest due to their unique combination of extraordinary thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties. Their use extends to a wide variety of scientific and engineering areas, such as thermally conductive films, reinforced polymer composites, transparent electrodes for displays and solar cells, electromagnetic interference shielding, innovative sensors, and more.  In addition to serving as the Journal’s guest editor, Dr. Li also contributed an article to this issue titled “The dual role of nanoparticles in the thermal conductivity enhancement of nanoparticle suspensions.”

Dr. Li joined the College of Engineering in January 2011 and is also a faculty research scientist of the National Science Foundation I/UCRC (Industry/University Collaborative Research Center) on energy efficient systems for managing data centers. He has been invited to join the Center for Energy Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania as one of just a handful of experts outside of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Li currently holds pending patents (or patent disclosures) and has published more than 50 books, book chapters, journal and conference papers on nanotechnology-enabled energy conversion and thermal management.

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Dr. Calvin Li
Dr. Calvin Li