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Engineering Alumni Society Announces Annual Award Winners

Villanova University College of Engineering 2013 Alumni Awards

Villanova University’s Engineering Alumni Society (EAS) has announced the recipients of its 2013 awards to be presented on September 27 at the 37th annual Engineering Alumni Awards Dinner Reception. Awards are presented to alumni who exemplify service, leadership, excellence, stewardship and technical advancement.

The following alumni will be recognized for their professional success and service to the College of Engineering:

The J. Stanley Morehouse Memorial Award: Presented in honor of J. Stanley Morehouse, Dean of the College of Engineering from 1938 to 1961, this award recognizes outstanding leadership as demonstrated in the planning or administration of activities involving or related to the engineering profession.

  • John B. Canuso Sr., CE ’63

The John J. Gallen Memorial Award: Presented in honor of John J. Gallen, Dean of the College of Engineering from 1961 to 1975, this award recognizes the achievements of those whose technical efforts yield advances in the engineering profession. The recipient must have graduated from the College less than fifteen years ago:

  • David J. Cappelleri, PhD, ME ’98

The Carl T. Humphrey Memorial Award: Presented in honor of Carl T. Humphrey, who served as the first Dean of the College of Engineering from 1920 to 1938, this award recognizes professional achievements with an emphasis on demonstrated leadership or substantial technical contributions. The recipient is an alumnus who earned a master’s degree from Villanova’s College of Engineering more than five years ago:

  • Anne Mullins, MEE ’87

Ian P. Dardani, ME ’13, recipient of The Robert D. Lynch Award will also be recognized. Presented in honor of R.D. Lynch, Dean of the College of Engineering from 1975 to 2000, this prestigious award acknowledges a graduating senior for his or her outstanding academic achievements and exemplary dedication to serving the community, thus representing the highest values of Villanova University and the College of Engineering. Dardani was presented with the award at the College’s Recognition Ceremony during Commencement weekend this past spring.

Recognizing an individual from each of Villanova’s engineering disciplines, the following achievement and service awards will be presented: 

The Alumni Award for Professional Achievement: Recognizes contributions to technology through substantial achievements in marketing, management or entrepreneurship, as well as achievements in technical fields:

  • Chemical: Aaron Côté, PhD, ChE ’95
  • Mechanical: Robert C. Braun, ME ’82
  • Civil and Environmental: James J. Colantonio, CE ’68
  • Electrical and Computer: Thomas V. Sanzone, EE ’68 

Alumni Award for Meritorious Service: Recognizes alumni who have provided continuing support to the College of Engineering, been instrumental in directing impressive student applicants to Villanova, and shown their support for the College’s educational activities.

  • Chemical: Kimberly R. Palladino, ChE ’97, MChE ’01
  • Mechanical: Matthew D. Bochanski, ME ’06, MTM ’08, MME ’10
  • Civil and Environmental: Robert L. Lund Jr., CE ’78, MCE ’81  
  • Electrical and Computer: Mary C. Galvin, CpE ’03

All engineering alumni are encouraged to attend the Friday, September 27 awards reception to be held at the Villanova Conference Center from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. For additional information and to register, visit the Villanova University event website