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Villanova Stormwater Faculty Author the Most Downloaded Article

The College of Engineering is home of many faculty who are doing nationally recognized research in their fields. This national recognition is seen through numbers of journal articles published and presentations at conferences.

Another objective measure of the importance of a given piece of research to a field is to track how many people read about that research. By that mark, the work being done by the faculty in the Villanova Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Engineering (VCASE) rates as some of the most respected research on stormwater management in the country. An article entitled “Groundwater Mounding at a Storm-Water Infiltration BMP,” has been the most downloaded article in the Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering for months. It was co-authored by Drs. Andrea Welker and Robert Traver in Villanova’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Matthew Machusick of SAIC.

According to the abstract that appears on the website of the American Society of Civil Engineers,  “This research presents an initial study of the impacts of storm-water infiltration on a shallow unconfined aquifer at a bioinfiltration best management practice (BMP) on the campus of Villanova University.”

VCASE includes the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership (VUSP), a nationally recognized locus for teaching and research in the field.

View the abstract here.

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