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CAC wins $1000 Paper Award at IEEE SAM Signal Processing Workshop

A paper, jointly authored by CAC researchers and researchers from the Technical University of Catalonia (TUC), Barcelona, Spain, won the $1000 Cash Award at the 2012 IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop held this summer at the Stevens Institute of technology in Hoboken, NJ.  The Workshop, which is held biannually, covers recent developments in sensor arrays.  The work published in the paper came out from a 6-month visit of Ms. Eva Lagunas, a PhD student from Spain, to CAC.  The award was used by Mrs. Lagunas to cover her traveling expenses, lodging, and conference registration. The title of the paper is “Wall Mitigation Techniques for Indoor Sensing within the Compressive Sensing Framework,” and co-authored by Mrs. Lagunas, Dr. Moeness Amin, Director of the CAC, Dr. Fauzia Ahmad, CAC Research Associate Professor and Director of the Radar Imaging Lab, and Dr. Montse Najar from TUC, Spain.  A total of 136 papers were presented at the Conference. This marks the eighth paper award Dr Amin has received while at Villanova University.  Compressive Sensing is used in signal processing to create radar images from sparse sampling. It’s benefit over  conventional imaging methods is fast data acquisition and high resolution images.  CAC is a recognized international leader into research in this field and attracts faculty from many counties to work in Villanova’s labs with our faculty.