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Philadelphia’s University Science Center Features Dr. Robert Traver as Special Program Speaker

Dr. Robert Traver

Dr. Robert Traver, Professor and Director of the Villanova Center for Sustainability in Engineering and the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership, served as the featured speaker for the University Science Center’s January “Lunch for Hungry Minds” event, part of a monthly series that highlights excellence in regional academic research sponsored by Philadelphia’s University City Keystone Innovation Zone.

A nationally-renowned expert on stormwater issues, Dr. Traver presented “Designing for Stormwater Sustainability” to members of the Philadelphia regional academic and business communities.

“Stormwater management has changed dramatically in the last several years, moving away from a flood control perspective toward sustainability of our rivers and watersheds,” says Dr. Traver, who recently served on the National Academy of Sciences panel tapped by the White House Council on Environmental Quality to review newly proposed federal guidelines for water resource planning. “At Villanova, we’ve begun incorporating stormwater wetlands, pervious pavements, green roofs, bioretention basins, and low impact development into our stormwater management plans.”

Dr. Traver discussed the role that these and other best management practices (BMPs) currently deployed on Villanova’s campus are playing in the transformation of the University’s stormwater management and campus infrastructure. In addition to making a measurable impact on stormwater sustainability on campus, each of these BMPs also serves as a research site. Results and findings to date were also reviewed. Click here for more information about current research at these research sites.