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Engineering Students Showcase Results at Undergraduate Research Poster Day

Passionate engineering students who spent the summer working alongside faculty on real-world research projects received the chance to showcase their results during Villanova’s third annual Undergraduate Research Poster Day, held on September 20.

The annual celebration allows research students the opportunity to present their findings in the traditional poster presentation format. Throughout the day, students exchanged views, challenges, future work, findings, and results with faculty, alumni, industry partners, and fellow students.

Nine engineering students represented the College at this year’s celebration. Students from the chemical, electrical, civil and environmental, and mechanical engineering departments participated. Research students who presented included:

  • William Albert ME ‘12: “A Comprehensive Study of the Mechanics of Gold Nanoparticle Indentation,” mentored by Dr. Gang Feng, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Emily Battinelli EE ‘12: “Microstructured Optical Fiber for Cellular Temperature Sensing,” mentored by Dr. Rosalind Wynne, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Thomas Belatti ME ‘12: “Experimental Validation of Nonlinear Tracking Control of a UAV,” mentored by Dr. C. Nataraj, Chair and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Blake Campbell CE ‘13: “Pervious Concrete Pavement for Sustainable Stormwater Management,” mentored by Dr. Aleksandra Radlinska, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Ian Dardani ME ‘13: “Validation of Optimization Algorithm for Cost Minimization of Multiple-Pipe, Gravity-Driven Water Networks,” mentored by Dr. Gerard Jones, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Daniel Fritch ME ‘13: “Using Microdroplets to Model Nonequilibrium Freezing in Cryopreserved Cells,” mentored by Dr. Jens Karlsson, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Atish Gupta ME ‘13: “Influence Of Collagen Fibrils And Sacrificial Bonds On Bone Fracture Behavior,” mentored by Dr. Ani Ural, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Thomas Hoffman CE ‘13: “Optimizing Reactive Electrochemical Membrane Performance,” mentored by Dr. Brian Chaplin, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Ellen Knapp ChE ‘13: “Understanding the Effect of Different Pyrolysis,” mentored by Dr. Justinus Satrio, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

The event was sponsored by the College of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Department of Chemistry, and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

Student and Faculty at Poster Day