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Dr. Leslie McCarthy Tracks High-Speed Rail in National Media

Dr. Leslie McCarthy

To build or not to build high-speed rail: that is the question. Historically a divisive issue within the United States, high-speed rail recently grabbed national headlines in February when the Obama administration unveiled its $53 billion vision for bringing a new countrywide high-speed network to life.

Dr. Leslie McCarthy, P.E., Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on transportation and railway engineering, recently shared her expertise about what it would take to build this type of system successfully with The Christian Science Monitor and The Patt Morrison Show on NPR. The Christian Science Monitor coverage was also picked up by Yahoo! News, while her comments from that interview were also used in coverage by The Atlantic Wire (a website affiliated with The Atlantic, the national monthly magazine). Dr. McCarthy also spoke with Popular Science about the potential for high-speed rail in the United States last November.

Visit the links below to read the coverage featuring Dr. McCarthy’s input: