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Dr. Randy Weinstein Re-elected to Supreme Council of Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Fraternity

Dr. Randy Weinstein, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Randy Weinstein, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering, will re-join the Supreme Council of Alpha Chi Sigma professional chemistry fraternity, having been re-elected to a second consecutive term. This time, he will serve as Grand Collegiate Alchemist, the organization’s first vice president, through the end of his term in 2012.

“I’m honored to be able to continue my service to the only professional chemistry fraternity in the country. As an organization, Alpha Chi Sigma does so much to help advance chemistry as both a profession and a science,” says Dr. Weinstein, who was elected during the fraternity’s 50th Biennial Conclave, held in Athens, Ohio in August. “I’m also proud to represent Villanova to this esteemed group, and to bring the benefits of membership to students in the sciences as well as engineering.”

In his new role, Dr. Weinstein will oversee the activities of the fraternity’s Collegiate Branch, which includes 48 active student chapters at colleges and universities across the country and is responsible for selecting and initiating new members (the majority of whom are undergraduate students). The chapters themselves organize professional, social, and service events for members, their universities, and the public.

Dr. Weinstein has been involved with Alpha Chi Sigma since 1990, when he joined the organization’s Alpha Kappa chapter as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. Since then, he has held a number of leadership positions within the fraternity, including professional representative, Atlantic Central district counselor, and chair of district counselors. Most recently, he served as Alpha Chi Sigma’s Grand Master of Ceremonies (the organization’s third vice president), having been elected by the chapter at its 49th Biennial Conclave in Indiana in 2008. He has also been elected to the board of the Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation, which presents the American Chemicals Society’s Award for Pure Chemistry and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Award in Chemical Engineering Research, in addition to other awards and honors.

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