Engineering Student Council Receives Award at National Conference

ESC board members (from left): Olivia Donaldson, Caitlin Kiernan, Joe Pawelczyk, Mara Tsudis, and Becky Ferenchiak

Two years ago, members of Villanova University’s Engineering Student Council (ESC) resolved to take steps to create unity within the College and better represent the student body to the administration. Their work did not go unnoticed. At the 2009 conference of the National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) in San Luis Obispo, California, in April, Villanova’s ESC received the award for most improved council in the NAESC.

“Originally, the ESC was responsible only for allocating funds to the engineering organizations,” said President Joseph Pawelczyk ME ’09. “We have made great strides to expand the council’s role.” For example, ESC formed four new committees: Community Development, Engineering Traditions, Media and Public Relations, and Community Outreach. It also drafted a new constitution and increased its membership to 35 students.

As a result of these changes, the ESC has increased its impact and the visibility of the students and the College. It publishes a monthly newsletter and organizes events such as Engineers Week, socials, and visits to local high schools. “ESC has become well known around the College and is viewed as a helpful, fun organization,” Joe said.

According to Vice President Mara Tsudis ChE ’10, Villanova’s ESC has gotten more involved in the NAESC, attending conferences and networking with engineering students from all over the country. “We are excited to be improving our relationships with these other councils,” said Mara, who serves on the NAESC’s regional executive board. In October, Villanova will host a regional conference for councils from New England to North Carolina.

ESC members include representatives from College of Engineering student organizations and an elected executive board. In addition to Joe and Mara, the executives are Rebecca Ferenchiak ChE ’10, Secretary; Caitlin Kiernan CEE ’10, Treasurer; Olivia Donaldson ChE ’10, Committee Coordinator; and Obinna Eboh ChE ’09, SGA Senator.