Dr. Randy Weinstein Named to Supreme Council of Alpha Chi Sigma

Dr. Randy Weinstein, Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering, was elected to the Supreme Council of Alpha Chi Sigma at the professional chemistry fraternity's 49th Biennial Conclave, held in Bloomington, Indiana, in July. Dr. Weinstein will serve a two-year term as the Grand Master of Ceremonies (the council’s third Vice President). In this capacity, he will be responsible for the ritualistic and ceremonial aspects of the fraternity and will oversee the training of new members and collegiate chapters.

In 1990, as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, Dr. Weinstein was initiated into the fraternity through the Alpha Kappa Chapter. During that time, he served terms as recorder, housing treasurer, and master alchemist (president). In recent years, he again became active in leadership roles, performing the duties of professional representative and district counselor.

"Alpha Chi Sigma is a great professional network," Dr. Weinstein said. "It has members all across country—people you can go to with career questions or life problems, and they will help you. And unlike friends in a traditional fraternity, everybody in Alpha Chi Sigma has a unique bond: ties to the chemistry field. This bond enables you to converse easily when you meet other members and to get started when you move to a new locale."

Alpha Chi Sigma is the only national professional chemistry fraternity in the United States. Founded in 1902, it has three objectives: to bind its members with a tie of friendship; to strive to advance chemistry as a science and a profession; and to aid, by honorable means, its members in realizing their ambitions as chemists. Alpha Chi Sigma has some 60 active collegiate chapters and nearly 60,000 members. Although Villanova University does not have a collegiate chapter, Dr. Weinstein hopes that one eventually will be formed.