Beyond Ideas Brings Together Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Friends to Explore Entrepreneurship

All four colleges of the University along with the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Career Services, and the Alumni Association sponsored the second “Beyond Ideas – The Art of Entrepreneurship” conference, which was held on January 12 in Bartley Hall. The event was attended by close to 100 students who came to listen to and network with successful alumni and friends. Topics included how to start and finance various product-based and service-based companies, including those with a social entrepreneurship mission. There were panel discussions, including one on how to network, followed by a networking session among students and alumni. Students also had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to alumni during an “I Have an Idea” session.

Faculty and staff from the College of Engineering who worked on or presented at the conference were Dr. Pritpal Singh, Professor Ed Dougherty, Trish Burdo, and Gayle Doyle. Engineering alumni presenters included, Zareh Baghdasarian, a pioneer in data and communications technology businesses; Lisa Catania, vice president of and project manager of Catania Engineering Associates; and Joe Silvestri, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in a variety of companies.