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Alumni Show Appreciation for Industry-Experienced Professor

Dr. Peter Staffeld

Name: Peter Staffeld, PhD, PE, F.NSPE

Title: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Previous Titles/Employers: Engineering Consultant, Staffeld Engineering Services; Vice President, Polymer Dynamics (6 years); 12 years with Mobil Oil

Expertise: Process and product development in petroleum, plastics and specialty chemicals

Villanova Courses: Technical Communications, Mass Transfer, Equipment Design & Specifications

He says:  “I draw a direct connection between theory and practice by helping students to see the relationships between what they are learning and what they will be doing as chemical engineers.”

Dr. Staffeld has been teaching for as long as he can remember—everything from engineering to flight instruction and music. Through his 40-years of experience, he has come to understand the different ways students learn and apply knowledge.

Recognizing that most Villanova chemical engineering graduates will enter industry, and knowing first-hand what will be expected of them, Dr. Staffeld helps prepare students to “hit the ground running” when they join a company. This not only helps their professional reputations, but also strengthens Villanova’s reputation as a high-quality supplier of chemical engineers for industry.

Former Students Say:

“When I started working, having the knowledge and experiences from Dr. Staffeld’s class gave me confidence when I was solving real technical problems for the first time.” —Julie Bellfy ’11 ChE, Improvement Engineer, Dow Chemical

 “Dr. Staffeld's constant professionalism, experience and commitment to his students’ success outside of the walls of White Hall are an irreplaceable aspect of Villanova's undergraduate Chemical Engineering program.” —Ryan Flynn ’15 ChE, ’18 MSBChE, Engineering Specialist, Merck & Co.

 “From engineering composition skills and resume writing to a commitment to accuracy in statistics, Dr. Staffeld develops in his students highly marketable qualities that industry professionals look for when hiring.” —PhD candidate Brooks Hopkins ’12 ChE, Manager, Pilot Campuses, Mars Wrigley Confectionery