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Alessandro Raganelli ’20 ME: Demonstrated Excellence Leads to Employment

Alessandro Raganelli ME ’20

Who: Alessandro Raganelli ME ’20, minors in Business/Commerce and Finance

What: AbbVie Inc. Planning Standardization Intern and future employee

  • Summer 2019 intern at the global headquarters of AbbVie Inc., a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company that makes Humira—the number 1 sold prescription drug in the world—among other products
  • Acted as Planning Standardization Intern as part of the Materials Management Team within manufacturing and Operations Organization
  • Served on three principle projects:
    • Improving the existing Materials Management SharePoint platform to centralize the documentation and standardization of best practices, procedures and critical information to ameliorate decision making
    • Enhance the Packaging Delivery Control Report file to identify and reflect potential metric misses: start on time, end on time, release on time and yield
    • Augment the Drug Product Manufacturing MPS Report file to recognize and highlight potential metric misses: start on time, end on time, release on time as well as yield. Furthermore, to track intermediate misses for proactive planning & scheduling
  • Received the AbbVie Excellence Award for his dedication to the work and having made a real impact during the summer internship

Alessandro Says: “If I could describe my internship experience in one word it would be ‘unbelievable.’ Throughout the summer I was able to work on incredible projects that had an immediate, tangible impact on day-to-day activities and consequently helped ameliorate a patient's life. I was a part of a team that immediately took me in—almost like a family—and taught me everything from the ground up; and I had the opportunity to meet with senior leaders for networking and professional conversations about my work. The passion I saw in everyone I worked with was palpable and contagious.”

What’s Next: Alessandro returns to Chicago and enters AbbVie’s Operations Development Program after graduation. The 3-year, 3-rotation program is designed to test and develop one's skills with the goal to create AbbVie's leaders of tomorrow.