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Dr. Jonathan Hubler: Earthquake Engineer at the Ready

Jonathan Hubler, PhD

When the Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance Association (GEER) calls, Jonathan Hubler, PhD, will be ready. An assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering since 2017, Dr. Hubler is eager to apply his knowledge of earthquake engineering wherever and whenever he can be of service. In July 2019, he spent a week immersing himself in training on reconnaissance tools at the National Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (RAPID) facility at the University of Washington. The National Science Foundation-supported workshop helped prepare him for future reconnaissance opportunities, as well as possible research grants.

Through advanced laboratory testing, Dr. Hubler focuses his research on soil liquefaction, which occurs when saturated soil substantially loses strength and stiffness in response to earthquake shaking. In the lab, he simulates earthquake loading conditions, testing various soil parameters that affect response, including particle size, shape and density. He explains. “By better understanding the effects of various parameters, we can improve our prediction of liquification and its consequences during future earthquake events.”