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Susan Castellan: VP Builds Success from the Ground, Up

Susan Castellan ’84 CE
Susan Castellan ’84 CE

Who: Susan Castellan ’84 CE, VP, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, one of the largest construction companies in the U.S.

Projects:Over more than three decades, Castellan has worked on mixed-use developments, universities and museums, embassies, theaters and schools.

Having spent her entire career at Whiting-Turner has given Castellan a breadth of experience on various projects. In each case, she has worked with designers to make sure a building owner’s vision is maintained while meeting specific needs. She has worked on museums that required special systems and controls to regulate temperature and humidity levels to protect the collections. When working with embassies and schools, security is a top priority.

“Basically, a building is a giant puzzle, and there’s a particular sequence to the building. So it’s really interesting to watch the whole thing come together in a finished project. It’s really very exciting to watch,” says Castellan.

STEM outreach: In addition to serving on the advisory board for Villanova's College of Engineering, Castellan also has been involved in the education of younger women, having just finished a six-year position on the board of directors of Elizabeth Seton High School, an all-female school located outside of Washington, D.C. She was on the advisory board for the school’s new Learning Engineering And Design (LEAD) program and helped to secure internships.

Advice: “Always be open to new opportunities and challenges. The world is always changing and new technologies are always emerging.  Don’t hold onto things so tightly that you can’t continue to grow and learn.”